Our cooperation partners – IBM and Hazelcast

Partnerships enable the development of better and more efficient software.

Software solutions launched on the market today need to be compatible with a wide variety of applications. In order to guarantee this compatibility and to respond to the latest developments on the market, we cooperate with leading software developers.

We are open to new partnerships.

The market is constantly evolving as requirements of customers are increasing and becoming more and more specific. Therefore existing and future partnerships are very important for us. Through our cooperations, we can make our software development even more efficient and expand the area of application of our software products.

In order to meet future customer requirements, we are open for further partnerships with companies from a wide variety of sectors. Let us engage in a win-win situation.


We have a long-standing partnership with IBM. For 40 years we have developed software for IBM mainframe and non-mainframe platforms and used IBM hardware and software in our company.


This long-standing partnership gives us access to the latest IBM software and previous releases. Thus, we can always test and develop our software products with all versions of IBM software needed by our customers. This ensures that our products TABEX4, JTC and BOI FreeDa run flawlessly on the various releases and platforms.


Hazelcast is the leading provider of in-memory operational processing software. Hazelcast's developer-friendly approach facilitates the modernization of existing applications while providing a platform for building new, innovative solutions.


TABEX4 JTC is the high-perfomance middleware for ultra-fast Java access to master data and control data. BOI´s partnership with Hazelcast enables the best possible use of the technical interaction between TABEX4 JTC and Hazelcast in-memory computing.