Our values – independence and integrity

We stay true to our values.

BOI stands for independence and integrity of management. These are the cornerstones of our company and characterize our actions. We place particular value on optimum IT security, both at our company and at the customer.

Independent company

Our many years of experience guarantee our customers the highest quality and profound knowledge - already in second generation. From the "pioneering work" of developing TABEX in 1979 to the current BOI products TABEX4, JTC and BOI FreeDa.

BOI has always maintained its independence. This allows us to continuously develop our products - according to the specific requirements of our clients and newest developments on the market.

Optimum IT security

For 40 years, BOI has been standing for best quality, safety and excellent support. The best possible organization of information includes comprehensive protection of confidential data and information at our company and at the customer's.

Ensuring the constant availability and integrity of all data is another main focus. BOI continuously adapts this IT security process to the latest developments.
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  • IT security process in accordance with the standards recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
  • IT security concept with special consideration of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU
  • Internal IT security guideline in accordance with the latest standards for data protection and information

Integrity of company management

Fair competition is the basis for economic action with integrity. Corruption contradicts this belief and all values our company stands for.

We manage our company fairly, honestly and transparently in strict compliance with all laws and regulations against corruption. We see this as our contribution to a functioning society and economy. For details, please see our Anti-Corruption Policy.
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"Corruption not only causes physical damage, it also undermines the foundations of society."