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How to disable the display of the job input display when entering the parameters of a batch job?

General information

Batch job examples are located in the directory Batch jobs/batch job samples. Before a batch job is started, parameter can be entered.

For this purpose, a job input template is displayed, if this is not deactivated, for example Job direkt (fixed table).

If the job input template should not be displayed when displaying or changing the job parameters, two settings must be made in the control tables.

As an example the batch job Job direkt (fixed table) is used.

fig.: activated job input template of batch job Job direkt (fixed table)

Step 1: Definition of an alternative editor string

The customer specific control table $TAB4PTC36(TABCTL) is edited with the menu item Administration/control tables/edit control tables.

The value $PMSUBJOBI must be replaced by the value $PMSUBJOBN in field mask (MODKEY). The module name is $TAB4PI323.

The call mode (CALLMODE) depends on the menu item (here: DIRJOB-C05, message number Top = CST0C05).

The result looks like this:

Step2: entry in the MODID table $TAB4PTC30 (CT modul parameter)

The control table $TAB4PTC30(TABCTL) is edited with menu item Administration/control tables/edit control tables. Additional parameters for customized menu functions can be defined here.

To hide the display of the job input template of a batch job, an entry must be defined in the following form:

Module ID (MODID) = the module ID of the menu item, defined in control table $TAB4PTC35


Parameter (PARAMETER) = any <> 'N'

Generic entries can be entered using the character '*'.

Example for the batch job Job direkt (fixed table)

Result of the Example

The changes are effective after successfol storage and Relogin. If you click on the batch job example Job Direct (fixed table) no job input table is displayed:


BOIDOC_209a_config_en.pdf, chapter No display of job input table at parameter input

Valid from

TABEX/4 Version 4.1.0


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