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How to define parameter definition tables, parameter format tables and field conversion tables when defining batch jobs in the TABEX/4 Table Manager

General information

There are several tables which are used for the definition of batch jobs, including the following:

  • job parameter table (parameter definition table): is used to define the job parameters
  • parameter format table: with this table the parameter table is created with the new structure in memory
  • field conversion table: is used for the individual display of the job parameters in the browser
Create job parameter table (parameter definition table)

Edit definition

Using the menu item Administration / batch jobs / edit definition a new job parameter table is assigned to an existing job (here: $JPARSTEST):

This table is created and modified in the next step.

Edit parameter table

Using the menu item Administration / batch jobs / edit parameter table a control table is selected (here: DBCREATE):

The related job parameter table (here: $JPARSTEST) is created if it is not yet available and edited:

Structure of the parameter table

field name







variable name (without prefix '&')




replacement value

All parameter values have the same input length (length of the parameter field in the parameter table - VAL).

For a better display / input of the parameters and for use in check tables the definition of the parameter format tables is recommended (see next step).

Create parameter format table / field conversion table

These tables have the same table structure, but they are entered in different control tables.

Structure of the parameter format table / field conversion table

For information regarding the fields see documentation BOIDOC_201_basis_en.pdf, chapter Field definitions.

Edit parameter format table / field conversion table

The tables are saved in the databases APPLGG (german application texts) and APPLGE (english application texts).

To create a table with the right table structure, you can copy an existing table with the menu item TABEX database / neu/ create table copy into the according APPLGG/APPLGE database.


the table $JCTLDBCRE(APPLGG) was copied and renamed to $JCTLTEST(APPLGG). It is edited with the menu item TABEX database / maintenance / edit table:

For parameter format tables only the fields 'NAME', 'FSELENGTH' and 'FSEPADD' are used. (Exception: if FSEFOR is not blank, the field is defined as type BF with length 4.)

Using this parameter format table, the parameter table is created with the new structure in memory:

  • 'FLD_NAME' is filled with 'NAME'
  • 'FLD_TYPE' is always 'CH' (except if FSEFOR is not blank, then 'BF')
  • 'FLD_LNG' is filled with 'FSELENGTH'(except if FSEFOR is not blank, then 'BF)
  • 'FLD_OUTP' is filled with 'FSEPADD' (see documentation BOIDOC_201_basis_en.pdf, chapter Field definitions for possible formats)
  • All  other fields of the parameter format table are ignored

If field conversion tables all fields except FSEPADD are analyzed.

'FSEFOR' can have several values (see documentation BOIDOK_209a_config_en.pdf, FSEFOR).

Set table as parameter format table

In the  menu itemAdministration / application / general settings / assign parameter format you can specify wich format table is used for which parameter table.



After successful relogin the result in the menu item batch jobs / start batch job and selection of job DBCREATE looks as follows:

Set table as field conversion table

The menu item Administration / application / general settings / assign field conversion is used for mapping the parameter table to the field conversion table (here: $JPARSTEST and $JCTLTEST).

Parameter format table and field conversion table can be two different tables.


Result (after relogin):

The fields T_BINARY and T_DATE now are smaller, T_TIMESTAM and T_LONGTEXT have widened in their display.

REgardless of the field conversion table, the data have to be entered in the format defined in the parameter format table.

  • BOIDOC_201_basis_en.pdf, chapter Field definitions
  • BOIDOC_209a_config_en.pdf, chapter Definition and Start of Batch Jobs, chapter Definitions in the WEB Application and chapter Field conversion tables
Valid from

TABEX/4 Version 4.1.0

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