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CSV Import / Export: Fields with leading zeros


If data are exported from TABEX/4 – then changed in MS EXCEL – and then again imported into TABEX/4, problems with automatic changes of MS EXCEL can occur (e.g. deletion of leading zeros).

An example of an export file generated by TABEX/4:


"000010";"Zange ";"Werkzeug ";"65"
"000012";"Relay ";"Elektrik ";"52,12"
"000013";"Saege ";"Werkzeug ";"89,99"
"000045";"Welle ";"Mechanik ";"39,59"
"000050";"Spray ";"Werkzeug ";"20,8"

MS EXCEL removes these leading zeros when importing data into MS EXCEL. If a CSV (comma separated values) file is generated by MS EXCEL, these leading zeros are missing.

In the example the following CSV file was generated by MS EXCEL:
10;Zange ;Werkzeug ;65
12;Relay ;Elektrik ;52,12
13;Saege ;Werkzeug ;89,99
45;Welle ;Mechanik ;39,59
50;Spray ;Werkzeug ;20,8

To import the CSV file correctly in TABEX/4 again, the relevant character fields must be defined in TABEX/4 by using one of the formats Numeric (N) or Picture (PI). As a result, TABEX/4 will append leading zeros at import.

The compare feature of TABEX/4 can be used to compare data which shall be imported with the last saved data set BEFORE storing the changed data.

To do so, the following steps are required:

  • click icon 'CSV Import'

  • click icon 'compare with other table (Ctrl+D)'

  • do not select a database in the following dialog 'select database for comparison', rather than click icon 'select (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Right)' (then the active TABEX database is selected).

  • Then, all changes are displayed in a comparison protocol.

  • Use icon 'show/hide tables to compare' to turn off both comparison tables (old and active data). Then, the whole comparison protocol is displayed.


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