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Export and Import of CSV Files

Export of CSV Files

The icon   starts the procedure "Export as CSV file (replace)" which saves the currently active table in CSV format:

The names of the columns appear in the first row, separated by ;. Below the records of the table are listed. Strings are between "quotation marks". Columns are separated by ;


"4001";"Mayer               ";"Fritz     ";"Grünwaldstraße 5    ";"1234 ";"Walddorf       "
"4444";"Mustermonster       ";"Heinrich  ";"Hausweg 87          ";"1342 ";"Weggen         "
"4511";"Schröder            ";"Cornelius ";"Stadtplatz 14       ";"1423 ";"Hambach        "
"4623";"Schenker            ";"Eva       ";"St. Georgen 37      ";"1313 ";"Steinhausen    "

In the browser a message is displayed that the CSV document has been generated. In the message a link to the generated CSV document is displayed.

By clicking the provided link (underlined part of the message) the program attached to the CSV file extension (e.g. MS EXCEL or a text editor) is opened and data of the CSV file are displayed (e.g. as an MS EXCEL table).

Depending on the browser settings a new window is displayed and the question "Do you want to open the created document? " is displayed.

Pressing the OK button is an alternative to clicking on the link: the program attached to the CSV file (e.g. MS EXCEL) is opened and the data are displayed.

Import of CSV Files

If you want to import data from MS EXCEL or other spreadsheet applications or editors into TABEX, you have to save them in CSV format.

There are two options for such an import:

The first option replaces all table data by the imported data. This replacing import is started by clicking the icon  . The data are checked immediately. If no errors are found, existing table rows are replaced by the new rows. In the same step, the replaced rows are checked for delete rule violations and the transfer might be rejected. 

The second option adds the imported records to the table. This adding import is started by choosing the action "import from CSV file (add)" in the selection list "more actions".

The old records remain unchanged. New table rows will be added and marked for later checking. When the table is saved the checks using check tables, referential integrity and delete rules are performed.



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