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Print, Export and Import Settings

Settings PDF Print

The function "change settings for printing" (selectable via the selection list "more actions" or via menu item "change settings for printing") configures the PDF printout.

These settings are valid only temporarily for one session.

To set the printing mode, select one of the following values: CSV, PDF, TEXT and XLS. By doing so, you regulate whether the ion "print on text / pdf file" and the hot-key Ctrl+P produces a CSV-file, a PDF-file, a text file or a MS EXCEL file.

Set the following parameters for PDF printing:

  • Content of the PDF information on the front page: Enter a four-digit combination of Y (enabled) and N (disabled):
    1. The first letter defines whether the selection criteria will be displayed
    2. The second letter defines whether the field names of non-printed fields will be displayed.
    3. The third letter defines whether the sorting criteria will be displayed.
    4. The fourth letter (Original field numbers in the table) defines, if the field numbers are printed prior to the field’s reordering.
  • Display of the row number: enter one of the following values:
    'D' (print row number if row numbers are displayed)
    'P' (do not print row numbers)
    'Q' (print row numbers)
  • PDF page layout: Choose between PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE.
  • CSV Import separator, CSV Export separator: ';' or ','
  • Export Mode: 'CSV', 'PDF' or 'XLS'
  • Import Mode: 'CSV' or 'XLS'

Migration Packages

BOI GmbH offers migration packages for the table management systems SPITAB, TABSYS and VTAS.


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Success Stories

AirPlus has been using TABEX for 20 years.

Now TABEX/4 JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE has additionally been launched for audit-proof logging of the business processes by Java applications.


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