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How to configure the PDF print/export

Configure print/export/import using the BOI Administration Interface

fig. BOI Administration Interface

To configure the print / export / import features the BOI Administration Interface is used. It can be started by calling Administration/Administration GUI in the TABEX/4 Table Manager.

Select the item "Configure PDF, CSV, XLS, HTML and MAIL".

Basic information

In general, export, import, and print settings are managed in project form. A project contains the complete configuration information for CSV, HTML, MAIL, PDF and XLS(x) print / export / import.

In TABEX, there is always only one project active for the settings of CSV, HTML, MAIL, PDF and XLS(x). The project name consists of up to four characters and is displayed as a tab in the configuration dialog.

The dialog can be used in either Normal or Expert Mode. By default, the Normal Mode provides all the configuration parameters that are required as input.

The following informations are required for the configuration dialog:

  1. The browser hyperlink base path: the public resource name of the local base path of the web application server.
  2. Local base path on the application server: local base path of a web application on the web application server: Used to store uploaded files for import purposes and provides exported/printed files for users working with a browser session.

The only restriction in the path configuration is that the path must be accessible through the TABEX Web Application. It is recommended that the path for the exported, printed and imported files is a web application path on the same web application server on which the TABEX web application was deployed.

The Expert Mode should only be used if one or more of the following situations apply:

  • The TABEX root directory used for file allocation should be manually changed for any reason.
  • One of the following DD names are already used by TABEX:
  • If the base PDF renderer configuration path should not be be "[TABEX_ROOT]/pdf/input"

The files need to be made available on an Apache Tomcat servlet container. The TABEX web application is deployed in the context "tabex" on the same web application server. To save the files, also the context "tabex" is used. The files are saved in the subfolder "temp". The web application server runs on "localhost" and listens to the port 8080.

The local installation path of the web application server is "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation".

The Tomcat installation runs with the configuration "webapps".

Therefore, the following paths are used:

  • Browser hyperlink base path: http://localhost:8080/TABEX/temp
  • Local base path on the application server: C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 7.0/webapps/TABEX/temp
Configuration steps

A new project can be added by clicking on the "add" icon at the top of the window, which brings up the following dialog. Here, the type of project and project name can be entered:

Subsequently, the paths can be defined through the values written in the two text boxes.

A project can be deleted or renamed using the "delete" or "rename" icons, respectively. In the latter case, a dialog appears so the new name can be entered:

If the configuration is complete, it can be saved by using the "Save" button. The "Cancel" button discards any changes. After clicking the "Save" button, a pop-up dialog appears if the configuration was successfully saved:

After following the instructions of the pop-up dialog, the configuration of the export/print/import is complete.

Expert mode

Using the button "Expert mode ..." the following screen is shown:

Here a different TABEX root directory and DD names can be specified.

Situation: "no project defined"

If no project has been defined, then the "Add project" dialog is displayed when selecting the option "Configure PDF export/print and CSV export/import/print":

If a project name is entered and confirmed with the "OK" button, the project will be added and displayed in a new tab. 

Otherwise, if the dialog is closed by clicking "Close" or "Cancel", the Administration Interface application returns to the options select window.

If the last project is deleted, an empty screen will be displayed and only the 'add' button is displayed.


BOIDOC_240_adminIntf_en.pdf, Chapter The "Configure PDF, CSV, XLS, HTML and MAIL" task

Valid from

TABEX/4 Version 4.1.2


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