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XLSX Export / Print / Import

Print, export and import of different formats in TABEX are popular features of the TABEX/4 Table Manager.
The following features are provided:
– Print of CSV, PDF and text files,
– Print of editor settings as PDF document,
– Export of CSV and PDF
– Import of CSV using modes "replace" or "add"

A comfortable way is provided for the print, export and import of MS EXCEL documents in the formats .xls and .xlsx.
For print and export, MS EXCEL documents (in the format .xlsx) will be created, which can then be modified and saved in MS EXCEL.
The important advantage of this approach is, that TABEX/4 directly creates the MS Excel document and sets the appropriate data formats for each data cell. In this case MS EXCEL does not perform any unwanted data format changes. Thus the import of .xls and .xlsx can be done in a correct way.

See the following figure for the export/import workflow between TABEX/4 and MS Excel:


Figure: Print, Export and Import of MS Excel documents (.xls, .xlsx) in TABEX/4
Useful hint: By using the new system parameter XLSRGTTRIM, it is possible to control at print and export, whether subsequent blanks at each data cell should be trimmed, in order to allow a compressed display within the MS EXCEL document.


A detailed description of all print, export and import features can be found in BOIDOC_209a_config_en.pdf, Chapter 'Export / Import / Printing (CSV, PDF, XLS)' and in BOIDOC_240.pdf Administration Interface.

Valid from

TABEX/4 Version 4.4.0

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