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Data Checks

Data Checks

TABEX/4 offers several mechanisms to check table data:

  • Data checking with check tables
  • Checking referential integrity (RI-checks)
  • Key checks
  • Field check routines

Data checking with check tables

You can define checking rules for data in so-called check tables. By means of these check tables, you can e.g. restrict input of data to certain values or value ranges. Various check operators allow the implementation of any check sequences. You can also access external check programs. A rule violoation results in a clear error message.

Example of a simple check table:

In our example we check whether the entries are valid for two fields, PRODNR (product number) and PRODNAME (product name).

The content of the field PRODNR must be >= 1000 und <= 9999. If this is not the case, an error message with the key MSG001 defined in the table MYMSGTAB will be displayed.

Furthermore, the field PRODNAME must not be empty. If it is empty, an error message with the key MSG002 defined in the table MYMSGTAB will be displayed.

You can find a detailed description of this feature in our documentation BOIDOC_201_basis_en.pdf, Chapter "Checking the Input (Check Tables)".

Checking referential integrity (RI checks)

Checking the referential integrity ensures the consistency of data in the data model.

Join rule: you can not enter any values which do not exist in the related parent table.

Delete rule: key values can not be deleted if they still exist in a related child table.

In both cases, a rule violation results in a clear error message and data can not be saved.

Key checks

Check for uniqueness: if the same key exists more than once, the table can not be saved.

Field check routines

You can define your own check routines for fields which will be executed when the table is saved. The check routines are defined by attributes in the field definition (e.g. arbitrary characters).


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