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TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS Remote Connection Factory

Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing

With the TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS products TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS flexible and TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS unlimited a Java application programming interface, the so-called TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS Remote Connection Factory, is available to implement fault tolerance and load balancing.

Overview of the TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS Remote Connection Factory

An overview of the Remote Connection Factory you will find here:  JAVA Add-Ons for TABEX/4 or you can read the PDF:



• Only TABEX APIs for read access via TCP/IP can be called.

• This interface cannot be used for data changes.

• Data which shall be accessed have to be identical on all participating call servers. One way to guarantee this is by data replication.

Procedure to use Remote Connection Factory:

Import the TABEX/4 Java package at.boi.tabex.rcf in your Java class.

To initialize Remote Connection Factory a remote connection via TCP/IP (can also be local) has to be opened.

Afterwards the event handling has to be programmed. For this purpose the following methods have to be implemented for the Listener:
poolDown, if a Pool (= service) is erroneous
serverSwitched, for defining what to do when switching to a different server
retryingServer, for defining what to do when a server is recontacted after a previous error
retryingPool, for defining what to do when a Pool (service) is recontacted
For the Factory the following method must be implemented:
callFailed, if the access to the Factory fails

Afterwards by using the method createServerPools ServerPools are built from the Remote Connections.

The connection logic is initialized with the method initController.

After the initialization, the customer Java code can be executed. Instead of calling TABEX APIs with BOICall, now the method BOIDynamicCall has to be used. Then the interface for load balancing and fault tolerance is used automatically.

If you are interested in this interface, please contact us.


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