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The BOI Administration Interface is blocked by security settings. How can I get around this?


Oracle has tightened the security policies for running Java applications on the internet ("Java Web Start"). This implicates that self-signing applications cannot be executed, or, after confirming the security warning in the Java settings, a warning is displayed, stating that the application may not be trustworthy.

Therefore, as of TABEX/4 4.4.0, an official certificate is used for running the BOI Administration Interface. That means that you can be confident that BOI code is running. However, if you are still using an older version of the TABEX/4 Web application, then this article is relevant for you.

Information about blocked application

The current version of Java Runtime (Java 7u51) is configured to block any applications that have no official code signing certificate. The following dialog is displayed when such applications are called:

fig. application blocked

How to solve this problem in Windows

Open the Windows control panel and select "Programs > Java". When the "Java Control Panel" opens, select the tab "Security":

fig. Java Control Panel, tab "Security"

Select the button "edit site list...". In the dialog box, enter the protocol (http, https), followed by "://", the server name (the web server on which the TABEX/4 Web application is installed), and optionally a colon followed by a port number.


fig. Java Control Panel, list of excluded websites

Add the server to the list of websites that are not blocked by clicking the "Add" button, and confirm with "OK". When using the protocols HTTP and FILE, a message is displayed with the warning, that these are not encrypted protocols. After adding the server the dialog "Java Control Panel" in the "Security" tab contains the following entry:


fig. Java Control Panel, new exception entry

Finally, confirm the entry in the Java Control Panel by clicking "OK". The next time you open the BOI Administration Interface, the following dialog will be displayed:

fig. Security warning when reopening the BOI Administration Interface

In this dialog you again have the opportunity to compare the fingerprint of the certificate with the fingerprint described in BOIDOC-240_adminIntf_en. If the fingerprints match, the checkbox in the run dialog can be set to accept, and the BOI Administration Interface can be executed by clicking "Run".

Security advice as of TABEX/4 4.4.0

If you are using the web application (part of the TABEX/4 Table Manager) for TABEX/4, you will no longer receive the error message described above. Instead, a security warning is displayed, stating that the BOI Administration Interface requires permissions for "Send and receive using the network".

fig. Security advice as of TABEX/4 4.4.0 (Webapp)


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