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Configuration of the login procedure without RACF in the new monitor

Web application (


racflogin = false


The RACF started task (module BOITPSA) is no longer needed.

Follow the steps as described in documentation BOIDOK_209a, chapter 3. Configuration of the login to TABEX/4, subsection Tabex login using the operating system (with/without identity change)

Here the most important steps

First, the monitor modules for "Program Control" must be defined: according to the following sheme:

rdefine program ... addmem('...'/BOI001/NOPADCHK) UACC(READ)
... (weitere Module)
setropts when(PROGRAM) REFRESH

A complete list can be found in the documentation.
Only one module is located in the Unix subdirectory of the TABEX directory and must be defined in the following way:

extattr +p /.../.../bin/boimprc

The permission superuser.kill, which is described in the documentation, is not needed for the procedure without identity change, as monitor and session processes are running in the system with the same user ID. (You can skip this step).

Also the extending of the permissions in the Unix file system is not required if no identity change is configured.

Last step:


Before activating the identity change: A Tabex administrator, who also has the permission to log into the operating system, must be assigned to the usergroup :ADMIN before the login for the operating system is activated. Otherwise, no administrator can logon after activating the operation system logins!!! In most cases, the Tabex administrator ADMIN is not defined as an operating user, too.

The login procedure without identity change is activated by copying the module $TABI4BMEE from the BOI-INTMOD to the name $TABI4BMEL in the prechained INTMOD. If there are still problems with Program Control or system privileges, messages are output to the system console, and usually they are logged in logfiles in the Unix subdirectory.


BOIDOC_209_config_en.pdf, chapter 3. Configuration of the login to TABEX/4, subsection Tabex login using the operating system (with/without identity change)

Valid from

TABEX/4 Version 4.1.0


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