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How to edit control parameters?

How to define control parameters

Parameters can be defined in various tables, depending on the search path of each parameter name.

Search path specifications for parameters
  • Customers search paths can be defined in the control table $TAB4PTC21.
  • The system search paths are defined in the control table $TAB4PTC57.
  • According to the search path, searching is done in the following order:
  1. Customer table
  2. System tables
  • The search path is defined in column SEARCHPATH.
  • If no search path is found or the path is empty, the search path "S" is used as default.

Search path character

Parameter tables that are searched in

Parameter table names


user or default profile



instance configuration

e.g. $ICFG_000(TABCTL)


parameter table

(customer table before system table )

at first search in $TAB4PTC06(TABCTL),



table with temporary settings

Note: this character must be the first in the search path

the name specified in column SEARCHPATH,

e.g. $T4_PRINT (in database TABCTL)

Examples of search path definitions:

search path definition



at first search in user profile, then in instance configuration and at last in the system parameter tables


at first search in instance configuration, then in system parameter tables


search only in the system parameter tables


at first search in user profile, then search in the system parameter tables


at first search in the temporary settings (set in a dialog, e.g print setting dialog), then in user profile and at last in the system parameter tables

Initial value for temporary parameters (search path character "T"):

If temporary settings are possible for a parameter, the search path character "T" must be the first character in the search path definition for this parameter.

The initial value of the parameter is determined by the search of the parameter without the leading "T" in the search path.

For example, if the search path is defined as "TUS" the initial value is determined by sarching using the search path "US". This initial value is displayed in the dialog for setting the temporary parameter (e.g. setting the print parameter).

Parameter types
  • System parameters
  • Instance parameters (only for instance configuration) : only for instance configuration tables
  • User profile parameters (only in user profiles)

For a detailed list of all parameters, refer to the documentation


In the following example the value of the parameter RELOGIN is determined, depending on the defined search path in the control tables.

RELOGIN is a switch (Y/N), that indicates whether a ReLogin icon should be displayed.

  • Y ... Logout and ReLogin icons are displayed.
  • N ... ReLogin icon is not displayed.

Default: N


The customer specific control table $TAB4PTC21(TABCTL) is inspected whether a search path for the parameter RELOGIN is set:


An entry has been found in $TAB4PTC21, so the system table $TAB4PTC57 is ignored. If there were no entry in $TAB4PTC21, $TAB4PTC57 would be searched.

The search path in the control table $TAB4PTC21 is ISU. That means that at first the instance configuration, then the parameter tables and at last the user tables are searched for the parameter RELOGIN.

Instance configuration

To configure the instance configuration use Administration/logical instances/edit standard instances:

Parameter tables

If no entry is found in the instance configuration, the parameter tables $TAB4PTC06 and $TAB4PTC02 are searched.

  • Customer specific parameter table $TAB4PTC06 configured in Administration/application/general settings/edit system settings:

  • System parameter table $TAB4PTC02 configured in Administration/application/general settings/display original system settings:

Customer tables

If no entry is found in the parameter tables, too, then the customer tables (default / user profile) will be searched.

The parameter RELOGIN can be configured in the default profile usingAuthorization system/maintenance/default profile:

Result of the example

The parameter RELOGIN with the value 'Y' was found in the instance configuration. Therefor the Relogin icon is displayed:


BOIDOC_240_adminIntf_en.pdf, Chapter Overview of the control parameters

Valid from

TABEX/4 Version 4.1.0


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