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How to create a dump of a TABEX/4 browser session in z/OS?

Necessary informations for error analysis

For error analysis BOI needs the following informations:

  1. Log file with information about the termination (register, call context)
  2. Formatted dump

Important for the analysis: Both files must have been generated in the same browser session.

Log file

The log files are generated in the subdirectory "logs" of the z/OS Unix directory where TABEX/4 is installed. The session monitor numbers the files of the sessions, starting from 0.

A log file is named "log" followed by the session number, e.g.  log0, log1, etc.


The system writes the dum into a file which is assigned as SYSUDUMP. To achieve this, the following steps must be taken:

  • Change the call parameters of the session monitor in the Start JCL

The option TRAP(ON) has to be changed to TRAP(OFF) in the options for the language environment, e.g.:


Note: for normal operation the setting TRAP(ON) is required. TRAP(OFF) prevents the delivery of signals in Posix applications.

  • Definition of a file SYSUDUMP in the alloc script for the monitor sessions.

When using the default monitor parameters, this script can be found in the subdirectory "etc" ot the z/OS Unix directory where TABEX/4 is installed. The name of the script is "alloc". For the dump the following definition must be added:


(Instead of "..." the settings for the dump file must be adjusted.

Format of the dump file

Organization . . . : PS

Record format . . . : VBA

Record length . . . : 125

Block size . . . . : 1632

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