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Login with identity change

Login with identity change

In documentation 209a you can find a detailed description for implementing a login with identity change.

Error codes of login with identity change

In z/OS a login with identity change is carried out using the external module BOISUID. Several functions of the C runtime library are called. If the call ends with an error, the following messages are displayed:

BRW663(E) External password check failed (error=..., reason=...)

BRW664(I) ...

Error message BRW663


The first error number (error) indicates which function of the C runtime library has reported the error. The number is also the number in the calling sequence in the module BOISUID:

  • 1 parameter error (no library function)
  • 2 error in function __passwd
  • 3 error in function getpwnam
  • 4 error in function setgid
  • 5 error in function initgroups
  • 6 error in function setuid


The second error number (reason) indicates the error number (errno) of the C runtime library. These numbers are documented in the IBM manual in form of symbolic constants, such as EPERM for a permission error. The assignment of the numbers as displayed in reason, is defined in C in the header file errno.h. There is for instance EPERM defined as constant 5.

Error message BRW664

In message BRW664 the system message according to the error number (errno) of the C runtime library is displayed. The query of the message text is done in module BOISUID by using the function perror().

For a detailed description of functions, error codes (errno) and messages of the C runtime library see the according IBM manual.

Changed RACF default behaviour since z/OS Release 2.1


Valid from

TABEX/4 Version 3.2.0

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