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Debugging SSL Programs

Debugging SSL Programs

To debug SSL programs, breakpoints must be set. They can be toggled using the key short-cut Ctrl+Shift+B or via the main menu „Run > Toggle Breakpoint“. A blue circle in the source line in the SSL editor shows that a breakpoint is active in this line.

The program can now be executed in debug mode. The execution of the program is started by “Debug As > SSL application” from the context menu of the SSL editor or with the same context menu item from the SSL explorer. The program is then compiled and executed. If compile errors are found in the SSL source code, the SSL program is not executed.

If a breakpoint is reached, the graphical instruction pointer points to the source code line where the breakpoint was set. Generally the instruction pointer points to the next executable statement. The contents of the variables are shown in the „Variables View“. The value of the variables can be altered by positioning the cursor into the value field and enter a new value.

The following figure shows a typical debug session:



In the example, a breakpoint was set at line 16 in a SSL module. In the window „Variables“ all variables are shown, in this case, only variable „i“ is available in the program. In the window „Debug“, the name of the active SSL entry „$_TENTRY“ is displayed. In the current session, the debug session waits for user input. In the menu „Run“, options for interaction are available. Window „Console“ shows the output of the SSL program.

The screen can be configured to your special needs (position of the windows, width, height, …). This is done by positioning the mouse arrow between two windows, until a double arrow is displayed instead of the arrow. Now, window proportions may be altered by dragging with the mouse.


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