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How can I install two TABEX monitors on one Windows system?

Preparation and installation
  • Install Java (offline windows version - %JAVA_HOME%\lib\charsets.jar must exist after the installation)
  • Create new Windows account "TABEX01", assign passwords for this user and log on as this user. Administrator permissions will be required until the end of these instructions!
  • Create new Windows account "TABEX02", assign passwords for this user and log on as this user. Administrator permissions will be required until the end of these instructions!
  • Install TABEX/4 in C:\TABEX01
  • Copy the program directory to C:\TABEX02
  • Define the system variables BOIROOT, BOIPARAM, BOICLCT as user variables for user "TABEX01".
  • System variable PATH includes items with "C:\TABEX01". Define these items as user path for the user "TABEX01" and remove them from the system variable PATH
  • Login as user "TABEX02" and follow the steps as for user "TABEX01"
  • Delete the entries from the system PATH which begin with C:\TABEX01
  • Delete the system variables BOIROOT, BOIPARAM and BOICLCT
  • Call the registry editor("regedit") and duplicate the services (using File->Export, change the values and import them again)
  • For the duplicated services, adjust the values for ImagePath and DisplayName anpassen
  • Restart Windows (so that the changes in the Windows registry take effect)
  • Run the services which use C:\TABEX01 as user TABEX01; do the same for TABEX02
  • In C:\TABEX02\sys\boiparam.txt replace the values for MONPORT and RMTCPORT by free port numbers (except 1997 and 1998)
  • Make sure that the EXE-Dateien boimon.exe, boisync.exe and boitpsv.exe are started as follows:
    • If two services are started, one must be started as boimon.exe and the second as (e.g.) boimonb.exe. The two services must have different names.
    • Correspondingly change BOIMON with (e.g.) BOIMONB in boiparam.txt
    • Adjust the service startup path accordingly before deploying
    • Adjust the path of the service
  • With the deployment cockpit, the port numbers need to be adjusted before final deployment.
Duplicating the BOI services after TABEX installation
  • Export registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services as *.reg file
  • Edit the file:
    • The first line must remain ("Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00", or similar)
    • Delete all other lines except the subkey BOI-MON, BOI-TPSV and BOI-SYNC from the *.reg file
    • Copy the three subkeys
    • Append "-1" at the first three keys and "-2" at the next three keys
    • Save
  • Remove the subkeys BOI-MON, BOI-TPSV and BOI-SYNC from the registry
  • Importthe edited *.reg file
  • Adjust he paths for the second user (value ImagePath of the keys ending with "-2")
  • Edit the subkeys ending with "-2" in the registry editor, so that the value of ImagePath ends with b.exe instead of .exe
Save login information in Windows 7

If a DNS suffix is set for the workgroup or the windows domain and TABEX  databases are used on network drives, the following actions must be done:

  1. Control panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> Credential Manager
  2. Set entry for windows login information. TEnter the server name, followed by the DNS suffixwerden. Example: for the testsrv "testsrv" in the domain "", in the Windows vault "" must be entered as server name. Otherwise, the login information will not be found.
  3. Optionally an entry for generic credentials can be set. This is necessary, if a specific user account is used to log on to a certain server, but another user account on the same server uses a special subdirectory.


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