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How to configure an instance specific menu tree?


For each instance, a separate menu tree can be configured. For this menuformat tables must be generated. Copies of the default menu format table ($TAB4PTC41-99999999 TABCTL) can be created and then modified.

Edit default menu format table

To edit format menu items their MODID (column module ID) must be known. This MODID can be found with the menu item administration/application/explorer menu/display system menu tree (for more information see BOIDOC_209b_sec_inst_en.pdf).

In administration/application/menu tree/edit menu format the nodes of the menu are registered which are to be displayed in a format differen from the default menu format.

The settings in the menu format table based on the MODID of the menu items, may not be empty. Otherwise the settings of the menu table are used for formatting.

The column "expanded" determes whether the node is initially displayed expanded (Y) or collapsed (otherwise).

The column "attribute" determines the display of the node:

  • grayed out (G)
  • invisible (I)
  • normal (otherwise)

By typing the above indicated values

  • the menu item "relational database" - "display" - "display table" is grayed out and
  • the menu item "TABEX database" - "display" is automatically expanded.
Copy default menu format table

After the table has been saved,  it can be selected for copying in the database TABCTL: TABEX database/connect to database and select table TABCTL.

For copying, select TABEX database/new/create copy of table. Table $TAB4PTC41 and target table TABCTL are selected.

Table name, version and short description can be changed subsequently:

After the table has been copied, it can be used for instance configuration.

Edit instance configuration

To edit the instance configuration use the menu item administration/logic instances/edit instances configuration. A tree with folders and instance nodes is displayed.

Choose the instance which you want to modify (for this instance the configuration table is changed to the new instance-specific menu formatting).

The instance-specific format table must be specified using the parameter MAINFORMAT with the syntax tablename-version(database):

After a successful logout and re-login, the instance LTI006 can be activated using Login >> BOI >> TABEX/4 Table Manager. The formatting applies only to the instance LTI006, except if instance-specific menu format tables are assigned to other instances in a similiar manner.


 BOIDOC_209b_sec_inst_en.pdf, chapter Menu formatting

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