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How to manage instance specific databases?

Create new database

The following example shows how a new database TABTEST is defined in the TABEX application and assigned to a particular instance.

Database, security level and data source can be adjusted using the menu item administration/databases/TABEX database/edit database usage.

Here the database TABTEST can be entered:

A description to the database TABTEST can be assigned using the menu item administration/databases/TABEX database/edit database name.

A database type can be assigned to the database TABTESTusing administration/databases/TABEX database/edit database type:

Define a new database as default database of an instance

The previously created database TABTEST is assigned to the instance production 005. Using the menu item administration/logic instances/edit instances configuration, the instance is selected.

Subsequently the configuration of the instance production 005 is displayed. To use TABTEST as standard database, the parameter DD_DEFAULT must set to value TABTEST:

After saving the table, the instance system must be activated (see How to activate and configure the instance system?)

At the next logout / login the instance production 005 can be selected and the database TABTEST is automatically selected.

Add instance-specific databases

To assign TABEX databases to instances, each instance must be selected and configured using the menu item administration/logic instances/instances/edit instances configuration..

In the following example the instance "production 005" is edited. The parameter ("PAR") DBCON_TBXI is configured in the configuration of the instance by setting the table ID as parameter value ("VAL"):

The content of the table ID of DBCON_TBXI is edited using the menu item  administration/logic instances/edit inst. TABEX DB usage (If the table with the table ID is not available, an empty copy of the system table $TAB4PTC50 is created.):


If the contents of DSNAME is not put under apostrophs, the user ID of the logged-in user is retrieved as first qualifier. If this mode is used, user specific databases can be used whose DSN fit to the naming schema userid.contens-of-dsname. If the user is logged in as BOI in the example above, the dynamic allocation with BOI.INST1.TDB is executed.

If you do not want to set a description for each user defined DDNAME, you can set a description for all empty DDNAME descriptions using menu item administration/databases/TABEX database/edit database name. Just add a new row with an empty database and a description as follows:

&DSN is later replaced by the DS name of the database.

Then ( if the user has the required permissions) the user additionally sees the instance specific TABEX databases in the TABEX database index  when using TABEX database/connect to database:


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