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How to configure the TABEX/4 web application to enable grouping of several TABEX servers


To avoid the installation and configuration of individual TABEX browser interfaces for each TABEX server, multiple settings can be specified per parameter.

To set up different TABEX servers, see the documentation BOIDOC_209a_config_en.pdf, chapter Configure settings for multiple TABEX servers.

Settings are grouped by adjusting the following two files:

  • property file in directory WEB-INF/

(e.g. ../webapps/tabex/WEB-INF/ if Apache Tomcat is used)

  • index.html in directory ../webapps/tabex

Alternatively instead of using the index file index.html, any other .html file can be used which integrates JavaScript and calls the openBOI method.

Adjust files


In the used .html file of the Web application (e.g. index.html) JavaScript must be integrated. This is done with the tag

<html xmlns="">
    <script src="boi/boiindex.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

The JavaScript file boiindex.js can be found in the subdirectory "boi" (e.g. ../webapps/tabex/boi/boiindex.js) in the TABEX/4 web application.

boiindex.js implements the JavaScript function openBOI (see header *.html).

In the entry 'monhost' must be added, e.g.:

monhost = server_a_p=Server A Prod=sa,sp,sap;server_a_e=Server A Entw=sa, server_b_p=Server B Prod=sb,sp,sbp;server_b_e=Server B Entw=sb,se

  • The first TABEX-Server 'server_a_p' is part of the groups 'sa', 'sp' and 'sap'.
  • The second TABEX-Server 'server_a_e'  is part of the groups 'sa' und 'se'.
  • The third TABEX-Server 'server_b_p'  is part of the groups 'sb', 'sp' und 'sbp'.
  • The fourth TABEX-Server 'server_b_e'  is part of the groups 'sb' und 'se'.

For a comfortable setting of these parameters, please use the BOI Deployment Cockpit (see documentation BOIDOC_241_deployment_en.pdf).


Which link  in the browser points to which group ca be specified in the respective .html file (e.g. index.html) , e.g.

<a href="javascript:openBOI('ger','1',' ',' ',' ')">TABEX/4 Server</a>

The JavaScript function openBOI has four parameters:

  • 1st parameter: language of the login screen
    • ger ... German login screen
    • eng ... English login screen
  • 2nd parameter: session number (values from 1 to 9)
  • 3rd parameter: specifies the group setting which is displayed on the login screen
  • 4th parameter: defines, whether JNDI shall be used
    • noJNDI ... JNDI is NOT used
    • any other string ... JNDI is possible
  • 5th parameter: defines whether the 'Login'-button on the Login-screen will be pressed automatically (makes only sense with Single Sign-on):
    • Y 'Login'-button will be pressed automatically
    • any other string do nothing automatically on the Login-screen

index.html displayed in the browser

For the examples shown below, the .html file index.html, looks like this when shown in the browser:

If one of the entries is clicked the server list is displayed in the respective login screen.

Example 1: all groups

<a href="javascript:openBOI('ger','1',' ',' ',' ')">TABEX/4 on all servers</a>

If the third parameter is empty, all setting groups are displayed and the server list looks as follows:

    Server A Prod
    Server A Dev
    Server B Prod
    Server B Dev

Example 2: Server A Prod/Entw

<a href="javascript:openBOI('ger','2','sa',' ',' ')">TABEX/4 on server A</a>

The server list looks as follows:

    Server A Prod
    Server A Dev

Example 3: Server B Prod/Entw

<a href="javascript:openBOI('ger','3','sb',' ',' ')">TABEX/4 on server B</a>

The server list looks as follows:

    Server B Prod
    Server B Dev

Example 4: Server A/B Prod

<a href="javascript:openBOI('ger','4','sp',' ',' ')">TABEX/4 in production</a>

The server list looks as follows:

    Server A Prod
    Server B Prod

Example 5: Server A/B Entw

<a href="javascript:openBOI('ger','5','se',' ',' ')">TABEX/4 development</a>

The server list looks as follows:

    Server A Dev
    Server B Dev

Example 6: Server A Prod

<a href="javascript:openBOI('ger','6','sap',' ',' ')">TABEX/4 on A in production</a>

No server can be selected. The server 'Server A Prod' is selected by default.

    Server A Prod

Example 7: Server B Prod

<a href="javascript:openBOI('ger','7','sbp',' ',' ')">TABEX/4 on B in production</a>

No server can be selected. The server 'Server B Prod' is selected by default.

    Server B Prod

Example 8: undefined group

<a href="javascript:openBOI('ger','8','xyz',' ',' ')">TABEX/4 group xyz</a>

The group 'xyz' is not defined, no server can be selected and the first server in the server list ("Server A Prod") is selected by default.

An error is displayed: "The group "xyz", which is selected in the link in index.html, is not defined in The first server "Server A Prod" from was selected by default!"

  • BOIDOC_209a_config_en.pdf, chapters
    • Configuring the welcome site (index.html)
    • Configure settings for multiple TABEX servers
    • Grouping of settings
  • BOIDOC_241_deployment_en.pdf


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