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What do the 'KeepAlive' parameters KEEPALVVAL, KEEPALVCNT and KEEPALVACT mean when determining the maximum idle time in the TABEX/4 Table Manager


By default, the TABEX session monitor and the TABEX web application are delivered by BOI with the default configuration, that after 30 minutes of inactivity, the TABEX session ends with a LOGOUT.

When the 30 minutes are too short, you do not have to adjust all parameters of the TABEX session monitor and the TABEX web application, but the maximum idle time can be set system-wide, instance-wide or per user by using the parameters KEEPALVVAL, KEEPALVCNT and KEEPALVACT.

By using these KeepAlive parameters you can define after how many minutes and with how many repeats an cation is to be performed (that passes through the entire communication path, but has no influence on the application ('NoAction'-Aktion)) and what should happen after the last action.

KEEPALVVAL: KeepAlive-Wert in minutes

The parameter KEEPALVVAL defines the time interval in minutes in which the action 'NoAction' is sent, which passes through all comunication paths and thus resets the timeouts to zero again.



KEEPALVCNT: KeepAlive counter

The parameter KEEPALVCNT determines how often a 'NoAction' is sent.



KEEPALVACT: last KeepAlive action

The parameter KEEPALVACT determines which action (a LOGOUT is to be performed or nothing (NOP) is to be done) will be executed at the last 'NoAction' (i.e. if KEEPALVCNT=3 is: at the 3rd 'NoAction').



Default settings

Since TABEX/4 version 4.2.0 the parameters are delivered by BOI with the followin presettings:




i.e. after 20 minutes of idle time, the 1st 'NoAction' is sent, after another 20 ´minutes of idle time, the 2nd 'NoAction' is sent and after a further 20 minutes of idle time, the session is terminated with LOGOUT.


If the parameter KEEPALVACT is set to NOP, the following steps are performed:

After 20 minutes of inactivity the 1st 'NoAction' is sent, after the next 20 minutes of inactivity the 2nd 'NoAction' is sent and after the next 20 minutes of inactivity the 3rd 'NoAction' is sent.

If all TABEX session monitor parameters and TABEX web application parameters are set as delivered by BOI, a LOGOUT from the TABEX web application is carried out after 30 minutes.

Customer experiences

Customers have reported that the TCP/IP connection has been ended after not quite 30 minutes of idle time by a system on the communication route, it is better to use the parameter KEEPALVACT=LOGOUT to terminate the application with the last KEEPALVCNT by LOGOUT.


BOIDOC_209a_config_en.pdf, chapter Overview of the control parameters, subsection System parameters

Valid from

TABEX/4 Version 4.1.1


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