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How to maximize the display of the TABEX/4 web application in Windows?

Display of the TABEX/4 web application

The TABEX/4 web application is opened in a new browser window without menu bar and navigation bar. MS Word does not support opening this browser window in maximum size..

Therefore, the application cannot automatically use the entire screen for the display.


In the following figure the index file which is displayed in the browser is at its maximum size, but the opened login window appears reduced:

The started TABEX/4 web application also appears reduced:

If the application is maximized by using the icon, the following message appears:

If the dialog is canceled by pressing the button "cancel", the display will remain small.

If the "OK" button is pressed, the display is adjusted. But if the browser window is closed, the browser will start at its original size again at the next start of TABEX/4.

After closing and opening of the application again, the login screen is displayed reduced:

Solution / Workaround

MS Windows memorizes the size of the browser window that was opened first.

To view the windows of the TABEX/4 web application in full size, the size of the first window must be set manually.

To do this, follow these steps:

Decrease login screen

Reduce the login screen by clicking on the "minimize" icon on the left side of the red "close" icon.

Increase window size

Maximize the window manually by dragging the corners of the window to the outer edge of the screen.

The result should be that the window fills the entire screen but the icon "maximize" still appears:

Close browser schließen, start TABEX/4

Close the browser and start the TABEX/4 web application. Now MS Windows has memorized the size of the browser window.

The login screen and the application will now be displayed in the size you have selected:


BOIDOC_209a_config_en.pdf, chapter Start TABEX/4 using maximal screen size 


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