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TABEX/4 Browser Interface

Elements of the TABEX/4 Browser Interface

The elements of the TABEX/4 browser interface are described.

The TABEX/4 browser interface view is divided into the following sections:

  • navigation bar
  • login/logout area
  • explorer menu
  • icon bar
  • selection list "more actions"
  • area for system messages
  • dialog area for table view
  • optional table maintenance area or modification formula for mass changes

In the dialog area lines with the symbol  are used to enter search criteria.

Via the selection list "more actions" additional actions for which no icons are available can be started, e.g. "import from CSV file (add)".

The icon  shows the icon group        to perform table row operations. The icon   shows the icon group             to perform table column operations. The icon  shows the icon group      which allows you to use the table maintenance area or the modification formula.

You can save the open status of your selected icon group.

In the browser the following message is displayed:


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