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How to send a utility logfile via eMail?

Default utility logfile

The file SYSPRINT is set as default utility logfile.

Send utility logfile with utility SENDMAIL

By using the SYSPARM setting 'USDLG=Y' the utility function SENDMAIL is used to send a copy of the utility logfile as eMail attachment.

The settings for this mail (eMail address, CC, ...) are determined from system parameters. These must be defined in the control table $TAB_UTUSP.

By using the command UTLSETTING system parameters can temporarily be set for the current workflow. The following system parameters are used for this feature:

  • recipient's eMail address ('TO'): SDLG_TO
  • copy recipient's eMail address ('CC'): SDLG_CC
  • blind copy recipient's Email address ('BCC'): SDLG_BCC
  • subject: SDLG_SUBJ
  • file with eMail text: SDLG_TEXTF
  • attachment file name: SDLG_ATNAME
  • attachment MIME type: SDLG_ATTYP

A prerequisite for the use of 'USDLG=Y' is, that the required settings for a copy of the utility logfiles and the command SENDMAIL have been made:

  • system parameters for command SENDMAIL:
    • server name or IPv4 address of SMTP mail server: MAIL_HOST
    • port number of SMTP mail server: MAIL_PORT
    • sender eMail address ('From'): MAIL_FROM
    • code page for the eMail text: MAIL_TCCP
  • entry in control table $TAB4PTC75 (database TABCTL) for the mail parameter file  (UTLMSPC). Details see BOIDOC-206.
  • entry in control table $TAB4PTC75 (database TABCTL) for creating the copy of the utility logfile (BOIULOG). Details see BOIDOC-206.


Valid from

TABEX/4 Version 4.2.1


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