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BOI and TABEX/4 - a success story

BOI GmbH was founded in 1979 by Hans Haiböck who has been CEO of his company until 2014. Since 2014 his daughter Mag. Daniele Haiböck and Dr. Frank Sinner are the management team of BOI GmbH. 

If you want to learn more about how BOI and TABEX have been developed during the last three decades, read the following interview with Hans Haiböck.

Interview with Hans Haiböck, Founder of BOI GmbH

You founded BOI GmbH in 1979 – what was your original business idea?

My business idea was to continue my former university projects on Operations Research and Statistics and to combine them with my programming knowledge resulting from my work for IBM.

What does BOI mean?

Originally it was the acronym for my business idea: Consulting (in German: Beratung) for Operations Research and Information Processing. But as the best possible organization of information is key to our products – it also stands for Better Organized Information.

BOI GmbH has developed very successfully over the last three decades since its foundation. What does BOI stand for – back then and today?

Back then as well as today, BOI stands for high quality, reliability and excellent support. My vision is the combination of a high-quality software product with first-rate customer service.

What do you consider most important in your work?

Customer satisfaction, our outstanding reputation, fun and last but not least the economic success of my company itself which enables me to offer secure and interesting jobs to my employees.

BOI is closely linked to your flagship-product – TABEX. What is TABEX?

TABEX is a standard software solution with an abundance of functionality permitting our customers on the one hand to access table data with high speed and on the other hand to maintain and administrate any existing data safely and comfortably.

How did product development begin?

Product development of TABEX began in 1979 right after the foundation of the company with a mandate from a bank to develop a data administration system for them. Their goal was to take data formerly fix coded in diverse programs, to store the data in external tables and to administrate the tables. In so doing, time and effort of the IT department had to be decreased and costs saved. But access speed could not decrease. We achieved these goals –and in the years that followed, there was no need for the Bank to enlarge their IT department. The result of that job was the first version of TABEX. Since December 1979, TABEX has been continuously and successfully in use at this bank.

What happened thereafter?

In 1983 I rewrote TABEX completely, and in 1986 it became a standard software solution. In 1988 TABEX once again was newly written; a new table maintenance system was added and it was released under the name TABEX/2. Ten years later TABEX/3 was released. For that version, we not only improved the access functions, but also developed a new comprehensive table maintenance system with the help of the essentially enhanced BOI-programming language SSL (single source language) in order to provide a comfortable maintenance dialog for our customers. Thereafter TABEX/4 was developed - with a new browser interface and abundant functional enhancements. Our customers have used it productively since 2008.

TABEX has been improved and further developed.. Now its fourth version is available. What has changed over the years?

Much has changed, but what stays the same is the actual core of TABEX, the logic of its access - the interface between the application programs and the TABEX service routines. What has changed is for example the user interface, the programming language, the maintenance functions or the structure of the TABEX table bases.

What makes TABEX/4 different?

Its direct high performance table base access, its revision control fulfilling all compliance necessities, the outstanding quality of the software product itself which has had no productive failure up to now, and its user friendliness allowing all departments of a company to work with TABEX/4 at no risk and with no problems. 

What would you say are the core functions of TABEX/4?

TABEX/4 offers high-speed data access for data in data space, disposes of different access algorithms, can be used for table data from any relational table bases, is executable on all platforms and variable through layer-architecture and has a graphical interface meeting all modern requirements.

What are the main advantages for your customers?

The advantages TABEX/4 offers to our customers are manifold. Here you can distinguish three different levels: 

  1. Management: cost-savings arise first from standardized maintenance processes reducing hardware and personnel. Second from savings of CPU-resources due to performance improvement between 1:10 to 1:50 compared to direct DB2-access. This leads to tremendous license cost savings. Third from the marginal training needed for employees compared to other software products. Furthermore, TABEX/4 meets all existing compliance requirements arising, for example, from EuroSOX or SOX through configurable, comprehensive logging of all data modifications and from an extensive authorization system which can be linked to existing customers' systems.
  2. IT-department: TABEX/4 is a standard software product that not only reduces the need for software development immensely but also makes it much easier to develop software when necessary. TABEX/4 is highly configurable and can thus be optimally adapted to customers’ needs, without the need for additional programs. Because of its high quality, the time an IT-department needs can be kept low and - last but not least - TABEX/4 works after being implemented without any problems or hassles.
  3. End-users in other departments: TABEX's intuitive browser interface is easy and comfortable to use and requires minimal training. We offer a comprehensive and comprehensible html help system that not only replaces long and complex documentation but also enables customers to make enhancements for their own purposes. Thus, end users can work with their data on their own and no longer need to call the IT-department for help. 

BOI has very long and good customer relations. Customer requests often trigger enhancements of TABEX. What are your customers to you?

Our customers are partners in our goal to develop a reliable and sound software product. And by purchasing our products and by paying the maintenance charges, they ensure the economic survival of BOI.

Customer service is a top priority for BOI. Which technical support and TABEX/4 maintenance services do you offer?

Our customers conclude maintenance contracts with us. Their requests get ticket-numbers so we make sure that no request is forgotten or stays unanswered. Most requests are answered on very short notice, usually the same or the next working day. For this reason, we at BOI make sure that there is always a BOI-expert available on work days. Important enhancements of TABEX/4 are summarized in new releases which we place at the disposal of all our customers on our website several times a year.

What do you think your customers value in BOI and in TABEX?

Our customers appreciate BOI as a long lasting reliable business partner. They appreciate TABEX for all the advantages its implementation offers and that TABEX runs without any problems and without any technical dependencies.

If a company is considering implementing TABEX, how does first-time installation usually take place?

We first present our product to the potential customers. These presentations are an opportunity to directly respond to their specific requirements. Following that we usually install TABEX/4 for a test. After successful conclusion of the sales contract, TABEX/4 can be installed by our customers. We invite our customers to a 2-day TABEX/4 workshop at BOI in Linz (Austria). The content of these workshops is completely customizable and will always be adapted to current questions and needs. So a general introduction to TABEX/4 is possible as well as concrete work on specific problems. During the workshops all the BOI experts who are responsible for TABEX/4 programming are available if needed. Before implementation, the TABEX4 configuration is usually tested extensively in a testing and developing environment.

How much time and effort is needed to install TABEX/4?

It only takes a few days for TABEX/4 to be fully operative. But customer configuration  – the adaptation to specific requirements – may take much longer. Depending on the size of the company, configuration can take up to several months. During this time, BOI is at the disposal of customers whenever they need support or have questions. We offer this service free of charge. This service only ends when our common goal – successful installation – has been achieved.

Interview with Dr. Hans Haiböck, Founder of BOI GmbH


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