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BOI Software Entwicklung und Vertrieb GmbH

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BOI Software Entwicklung und Vertrieb GmbH

Your specialist for versioned data

Versioned data are data resources that have limitations in their temporal (temporal data management, also called historicization) or organizational validity. An example of temporal validity is interest rates, which change at defined times. The new interest rate must therefore be accessible to all relevant programs from the defined modification time without interruption.

Your specialist for organizing data

An example of the organizational validity is the realization of different environments, such as testing and/or integration and production environments. Versioned data can therefore have temporal validity and/or organizational validity.

Your specialist for auditable data and high-performance access

BOI specializes in secure, simple, auditable table maintenance with authorization and sharing concepts using historicization of versioned data.

With its software products, BOI helps its customers implement auditable data maintenance and organize their IT environments more efficiently - independent of the operating system.

BOI software products provide high-performance table access to versioned data, with daily access figures at over 15 billion table.

Your benefit: lower hardware costs

BOI products help customers save costs and make better use of their hardware, e.g., through the use of high-performance data access (up to 50 times faster than direct DB2 access), or by outsourcing mainframe applications in non-mainframe environments.

Your benefit: mass data processing

The team of BOI recognizes the benefits of mainframe as well as the possibilities of modern software technologies. Mass data processing still requires the use of mainframe IT, which must work in perfect harmony with application-specific non-mainframe platforms.

Your benefit: platform independent

Thus, BOI software can be run in mainframe and non-mainframe environments, and connects the two worlds to the benefit of our customers. The combination of these strengths saves BOI customers time and money. BOI software products merge applications and data from mainframe and non-mainframe.

Your benefit: efficient organization

BOI software products enable the efficient organization of diverse development and production processes

BOI stands for continuity

BOI has been providing for mainframe and nonmainframe environments for more than 35 years.

BOI stands for long-term customer-relationships

The importance BOI places on partnerships with customers can be seen in the long-term nature of customer relationships. On average, a BOI customer uses BOI software for over 15 years. Some companies have been using TABEX continuously for over three decades.

BOI products are of high quality

BOI products have a reputation for quality and a good price/performance ratio.

BOI products are adapted to your needts

The BOI team looks forward to discussing customer’s needs and, where necessary, adapting the functionality of the BOI software to suit customers’ requirements.

Migration Packages

BOI GmbH offers migration packages for the table management systems SPITAB, TABSYS and VTAS.


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Success Stories

AirPlus has been using TABEX for 20 years.

Now TABEX/4 JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE has additionally been launched for audit-proof logging of the business processes by Java applications.


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