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Sustainable Business

„You may never know what results come of your action,
but if you do nothing, there will be no result“

Mahatma Gandhi

At BOI, it is our great personal concern to work as sustainable as possible. Therefore, we are trying to lead our business towards sustainability with the following environmental and social measures.

We are developing innovative software products for different operating systems. Our IT systems must be continuously available on all operating systems for our own developers but also to support our customers.

This creates a high demand for electricity, especially for cooling our servers. By using virtualization and by collaborating with other companies, we are trying to minimize our energy consumption for power and cooling.

In 2015 we have changed from our IBM z9 mainframe to a virtual zPDT and thus significantly reduced our energy consumption. The remaining required energy is green energy and originates 100% from hydropower.

Our office supplies are as sustainable as possible: our paper is recycled paper and comes from sustainable forestry. Paper is used several times, and we print only what is really needed. Whenever possible we purchase from regional suppliers.

Of course waste is separated and cleaning agents are chosen based on ecological aspects.

The majority of our work is done at our sites in Linz and Graz. Whenever possible the trips between offices are done by train or otherwise with our hybrid company car.

Business trips are usually done by train. If this is not possible, air travel emissions are offset. We are planning to extent this offset to all emissions of our company at both sites.
Detailled information about how we offset the emissions to contribute to climate protection you can read at

Our employees are the „heart“ of our company. We are trying to meet their needs by a maximum of flexibility, by providing a pleasant workplace with the best technological comfort and by ensuring their physical well-being.

Coffee, tea and juices for our employees are from organic farming and fair production. Soda water is made on-site to save on plastic bottles. The catering for internal meetings, seminars and trainings comes from local suppliers.

We want to share our economic profit with others: a part of our annual profit is donated to charitable organizations or saved for future social projects.

Last but not least: Our software products also contribute to our goal of sustainable business: increased performance of table access by using TABEX/4 is helping our customers to save on CPU resources, and thus subsequently to save on cooling and power consumption.

„Was hilft aller Sonnenaufgang, wenn wir nicht aufstehen.“
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg


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