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We plan a new TABEX/4 release for autumn 2011. In the following months we will work on the following projects...

We will keep you informed about our plans for further enhancements of TABEX/4 in our newsletters.

Icon Customization

The icon bar can be customized and adapted to the individual requirements of the user.


We integrate a mail interface into TABEX/4 to e-mail generated PDFs, CSV files or logs from batch jobs, etc.

Administration Tasks

The highlights of the 2011 release will be a new adminstration interface. Administration functions will be realized as a GUI.

The configuration of ODBC data sources for relational databases has already been integrated in the new Release 4.1.0.

Planned tasks are

  • Configuration of PDF Print / Export
  • Configuration of CSV Export / Import
  • Creation of TABEX Databases
  • Delete TABEX Databases
  • Change the size of a TABEX Database
  • Change the setting of the TABEX database allocation
  • Start of a database reorganization job
  • Configure the menu tree ( global / instances / user)
  • Definition of Referential Integrity Rules
  • Security configuration (access rights, privileges)

Extended Releasing Procedures

By classifying release orders release dates can be configured, e.g. type M for releases in the morning, type E for releases in the evening. The customer can configure his own classifications of release orders. A special release order class for deleting tables (deletion release) is available.
Additionally the release rules for databases per TABEX instance can be configured. For example tables belonging to an instance in productive environment must run through the release procedure though the same tables belonging to the TABEX test instance need not.

Dynamic Table Help

Help texts for tables can be maintained in a TABEX table. A HTML file will be generated. Pressing the icon "Table help" displays its content.

Hierarchical Table Management

Tables which are linked by referential integrity can be maintained in one screen form. Thus the maintenance of related tables becomes easier.

PDF Print Dialog

To change the print settings a new PDF print dialog will be implemented. The following setting can be configured: paper format portrait / landscape, contents of the front page etc.

Date: 08.10.2010


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