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TABEX/4 Release 3.3.3

At BOI we continuously work to improve TABEX/4. These features were developed for the current release...

  • PDF print
  • Copy-Paste function
  • New installer for Windows
  • New installer for z/OS

PDF print

Table contents can now be printed as PDF. Java Runtime is required for this PDF print.

The parameter PRINTMODE configures the functionality of the “Print” icon. The print format can either be set as “Text” or “PDF”. Data in the active panel of the editor is converted into the selected print format. Table header and selection criteria are also printed. Afterwards a link is displayed in the browser, where the PDF document can be downloaded.

The user has to configure the location where the generated PDFs are saved. It must be ensured that the application server can access this directory. If TABEX monitor and application server do not run on the same machine, a network directory for a shared space must be set up which both can access (windows network respectively samba for Windows and Linux, NFS in Linux / Unix / z/OS).

Copy-Paste function

Displayed table sections can be manipulated by the Windows clipboard. The icon „additional functions“ includes two new entries:

  • Copy displayed table section to clipboard (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+C)
  • Insert clipboard in displayed table section (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+V)

In Internet Explorer, no additional Add-Ons need to be installed. Depending on the IE settings, a warning (e.g., Allow access to the clipboard by the website) is displayed.

In Mozilla Firefox, without the Add-On AllowClipboardHelper, only a text area is displayed: With the context menu (right mouse click), the system clipboard can be used.
With the Add-On AllowClipboardHelper (Firefox from version 3.6), the system clipboard can be used as usual. In Extras -> AllowClipboardHelper, the Url of the application server has to be configured, to allow access to the clipboard. The Url may not end with a slash (/) and may have no sub directories.

New installer for Windows

The installation of TABEX under Windows requires Java Virtual Machine, Runtime 1.6 (Java 6 RE). The user must have administrator privileges in order to install TABEX on Windows. 

Installation (2 options) :
The standard installation installs TABEX automatically, including the TABEX services.
Using advanced installation, the user can choose whether to install the services.   After selecting the directory, a check is performed to determine whether there is enough disk space available for the installation. The TABEX files are extracted, installed and the required environment variables are set.

Then the TABEX services BOI-MON, BOI-SYNC und BOI-TPSV are set up. The service BOI-MON is set to automatically start with Windows. After the installation process, a restart of the computer is necessary. 

To uninstall TABEX, the TABEX installer is used again. It detects that TABEX is already installed. The file uninstall.log from the TABEX installation directory contains a list of all installed data. It will automatically be selected. Only files which previously have been installed by the installer component are deleted by the uninstaller component.
The environment variables of TABEX are removed.

New installer for z/OS

We have optimized the man-to-machine dialog by minimizing the required administrative activities. Users may choose either a full installation or an upgrade.
Users are also prompted for all necessary configuration parameters.

Date: 30.06.2010


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