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TABEX/4 Release October 2010

The new TABEX/4 Release will be available for download on our website on 10/10/10. The new version will offer the following new features ...

  • Online Help
  • Selection list
  • CSV export
  • CSV import
  • New layout
  • Linux 64  bit version
  • Shared memory tables
  • New installer for Unix

Online Help

The help system has been redesigned. Now, we maintain the contents with the support of a content management system. The help system is exported into the HTML format. Thus, there is no need for a CMS to be installed by the customer. As usual, the help texts are delivered with the TABEX release. The directory path to the help files is configurable now.

Selection list

The new selection list now replaces the lookup panel (hotkey F2). Until now, the so-called lookup panel showed the possible values of a field. Now you can display a selection list in a popup window as it is typical for browser applications. This allows the selection of a value out of a collection of possible values.

CSV export 

Another new feature is the export of tables into the CSV format (comma separated values). The file is generated on the server and is transferred to the application server. A message with a link is displayed in the browser. Depending on the user settings, Adobe Reader is opened or the user is prompted to save the file. Optionally, the whole table or only data of the active editor panel (red framed box) is exported.

CSV import

A CSV file can now be imported into an existing table, e.g. if you want to import data generated by MS Excel. First, you have to select a table. Then the TABEX user interface offers an upload form. The CSV file is uploaded to the application server, transferred and imported by the TABEX server. A requirement for a successful import is that the CSV file must have the same structure (table columns) as the table, where data is imported.

New Layout

We redesigned and reduced the table header to make more space available for displaying data. Lookup fields are now tagged yellow, key fields blue. Differences of compared tables are marked with different colors.

Linux 64-bit Version

The platform independent kernel of TABEX – the so-called virtual machine – is ported to Linux 64-bit. All platform independent parts of the software run on the virtual machine and need not be ported. The Linux 64-bit version will be available in July 2010.

Shared memory tables

As porting of TABEX/4 to Linux 64-bit shared memory in 64-bit space is now available, large tables or a great number of medium-sized tables can be loaded into memory. Multiple applications can synchronously access the storage with high performance – like the ESA/SHS technique of main frame operating systems (such as z/OS) does. Using 32-bit the addressing was limited. In 64-bit space this limit is eliminated. The only remaining limitation is the available swapped memory (disc space).

New installer for Unix

The TABEX installation is delivered as a packed TAR archive. This TAR file has to be unpacked. Then the shell script boisetup copies the files into the installation directory and generates a shell script to set the environment variables. This script should be executed at user login (e.g. in the users file .profile). The binaries are linked with the shell script boilink. Subsequently the installed system must be configured:


  • Redefinition and modification of the file definitions (e.g. data bases)
  • Modification of the file and directory permissions
  • Definition and adaption of the data base synchronization
  • Automatic start of the services

Date: 25.06.2010


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