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The TABEX/4 Service Pack 4.1.1

at our website on February 9th,  2011. Please request your log-in for the download area by e-mail.

The following features of the Service Pack 3.1.1 are described in the newsletter 03:

  • PDF Print Dialog
  • Extended Releasing Procedures
  • Internationalization
  • Parametrization of the Web Application
  • Header and status bar
  • Alias Name in the SELECT-String
  • Session KEEPALIVE
  • Logging Exit
  • Table preselection (menu item dependent)
  • Instance identification

PDF Print Dialog

Print settings are now configurable. Pleas see our expert advice "How to configur PDF print settings".

Extended Releasing Procedures

By classifying release orders release dates can be configured, e.g. type M for releases in the morning, type E for releases in the evening. you can configure your own classifications of release orders.


TABX/4 now supports all sorts of diacritical marks (e.g. for display and maintenance of French or Czech marks).

For this purpose, define the EBCDIC - character set for character fields (CH) in so-called field conversion tables. Set the padding mark "C" and insert one of the following entries of type Cnnn:

C000=Cp273="IBM Austria, Germany",
C001=Cp1141="Variant of Cp273 with Euro character",
C002="Cp037="USA, Canada (Bilingual, French), Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil, Australia",
C003=Cp1140="Variant of Cp037 with Euro character",
C004=Cp870="IBM Multilingual Latin−2",
C005=Cp1153 (Cp870 mit Eurosymbol − von IBM Java unterstützt)

You can also set the code page of the JAVA interface and the web application, allowing to use TABEX/4 also in applications in different languages.

Parametrization of the Web Application

We implemented a comfortable graphical user interface for definition and parametrization of server connections. For further information, see our expert advice 03 "How to parameterize the web application".

Header and Status Bar

The functio table info displayes the database filename (DSN) in the header.

The status bar now additionally displays the DD-name and the size of the modification database.

Depending on chosen funcction the user needs to know either the size of the modification database OR of the production database. Thus both the sizes of the production database and modification database are now shown at all times.

Alias Names in theSELECT-String

In order to ease the legibility of complex SELECT strings, you may now use alias names for tables or columns. These alias names may be used in SELECT strings instead of the longer tablee or column names.


SELECT A.PersonalNumber, A.Name, B.Address

FROM Names A, Addresses B

WHERE A.Name = B.Name


By default, a browser session closes automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity per log-out (session-timeout).

The new KEEPALIVE parameter sends n times al x minutes a KEEPALIVE action to the TABEX session and thus resets the session timeout. Such a KEEPALIVE ation only communicates with TABEX and produces no data changes or data checks.

It can be configured that the log-out is effectuated after n KEEPALIVE actions have been carried out.

Logging Exit

In TABEX, it has always been possible to write a logging entry into the revision log for each action producing a saving in a database.

From now on, writting a logging entry may load an exit program. This exit program contains all relevant logging data. By setting a return code, an action can be undone (rollback).

Note: The exit program is only loaded if logging has been enabled for this specific action.

Table Preselection (menu item dependent)

Tables which are offered to a user for selection can be restricted by a preselection list. In such a preselection list you can register table names as well as genereric table names. Table names not registered in this preselection list are filtered out and are not offert to the user for selection.

The preselection list to use is specified in system parameter TABPRESLCT. By default TABEX/4 uses table $TAB4PTC59(TABCTL).

Note: in TABEX/4 the use of preselection for all menu items is preinstalled.

New: Switch off the preselection for single menu items:

The new module USEPRESLCT defines for single menu items or for a group of menu items by means of a generic entry whether the preselection list is applied.

If you want to switch off preselection for certain menu items, you have to insert a menu item (MOD-ID) with parameter USEPRESLCT in the customer table of module $TAB3PTC30(TABCTL) abd set the parameter value 'N' ('N' meaning 'not applied').


The following generic entry is entered in the system table of module  $TAB4PTC17(TABCTL):



********** USEPRESLCT

Switch off preselection for maintenance of TABEX tables by inserting an entry in the customer table of module $TAB4PTC30(TABCTL):




As the customer table is checked BEFORE the system table, the new entry with parameter value 'N' is found first and this the preselection list is not applied.

Instance Identification

It is now possible to define the background color and the color of the navigation bar dependent on each instance.

Date: 02.02.2011


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