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Finally light in hospitals in Burkina Faso!

For the first time the village hospitals in Poin and Tiessourou in the south of Burkina Faso have electricity and light!

BOI not only stands for “better organized information”, but also for social and ecological sustainability. We put our focus on ecological responsibility and commit ourselves to invest annually a certain part of our profit in social projects in Austria and worldwide.

In 2015 we got to know - via private contact - the social association “LAAFI – eine Initiative für Entwicklung”. “Laafi“ means “Health” in Mòoré, a language spoken by half of the inhabitants of Burkina Faso. LAAFI´s aim is to improve the health care for the people of Burkina Faso.

One of LAAFI´s planned projects was the installation of solar systems to generate electrical power for two village hospitals. As this addressed exactly our convictions in social and ecological sustainability, we as BOI soon agreed to support this important project.

We are very proud to announce that this project, which we decisively supported, has been realized successfully.

What has been done?

The project started in December 2016 in Austria, where all necessary materials for the solar systems were organized. The transportation of these materials to Burkina Faso turned out to be a very big challenge, but finally - 10 months later – all stuff arrived in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. In October 2017 the assembly of the solar systems was done on site and since then the village hospitals in Poin and Tiessourou have electrical power. Additionally small solar panels were installed in the living quarters of the medical staff.

The technical inspection done by local project partners and LAAFI confirmed the high quality of the installation and the proper function of the solar systems. So also during the night, sufficient light is guaranteed in the general medicine and the maternity ward, and serving the patients and birthing mothers is easily possible now!

We as BOI are very glad for LAAFI and especially for the inhabitants of these two villages and proud to be part of this successful project!



Maternity ward in Tiessourou at opening ceremony after reconstruction (2017)
inspection and installation at the roof of the maternity ward in Tiessourou (technician and project partner)
Lightt!! in the interior of the maternity ward.


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