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Text "TABEX4 Update".


The new update for TABEX4 Version 5.4.0 on z/OS, Linux and Windows is now available!

Joost Meuwissen und Daniele Haiböck-Sinner mit dem BGF-Gütesiegel


On April 4th, 2022 the Austrian health insurance fund (ÖGK) awarded BOI the seal of quality for “Workplace Health Promotion”.

Text: BOI Insights


The updated versions of TABEX4 and MainTable are not affected by the current security vulnerability in the Java library Log4j.


A recent ranking of the most powerful insurance companies in Europe shows that the Top 5 companies rely on BOI.

Der einzigartige FreeDa Process Stepper


Today, the annual World Usability Day takes place. We want to use this opportunity to present you one selected usability feature of FreeDa!

Text "TABEX4 Update".


The new update for TABEX4 Version 5.3.0 is now available!