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Text "TABEX4 Update".


The first update for TABEX4 Version 5.2.0 on z/OS is now available!

Teamfoto: Unsere Consulting-Assistentin Frau Mariam Nazemi bei der Arbeit.


Dear customers,


the current measures to minimize the spreading of the coronavirus require far-reaching changes in both our private and professional...

Software Engineer Joost Meuwissen


We are very happy to welcome back our former employee Joost Meuwissen!

Text: BOI Insights


From the promise of independence back to dependence? A short story of the personal computer by BOI software engineer Dieter Müller-Wipperfürth

Text "TABEX4 Update".


The second update for TABEX4 Version 5.1.0 on z/OS is now available!

Unser neues Firmenfahrzeug: ein schwarzer KIA e-Niro.


250 km is the distance between our two BOI premises in Linz and Graz.