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Our new update for TABEX4 4.8.0 under z/OS is now available!


We proudly introduce the web editors: We, Sabine Mitzner and Martina Haiböck, maintain our website editorially. After many hours of work we are proud...


With TABEX4 JTC, GDIS uses the Java interface for the world's fastest table access on master data and control data!


TABEX4 Release 4.8.0 and JTC Release 3.0

With the start of the year, we provide you with the new releases for TABEX4 and JTC!


Thanks to BOI, the two hospitals of Poin and Tiessourou in the south of Burkina Faso have now finally access to electricity and light!


We are happy to welcome a new employee at BOI! Sabine Mitzner is responsible for Marketing, technical Documentation, Design and Layout.