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Make A Difference Nepal – Warm hugs for fireflies

MDN, a Nepalese social organisation founded after the earthquake 2015, to enforce the children´s rights to health and education. The MDN project "Fireflies" (in Nepali: Junkiri) was initiated in cooperation with B-O-Ideas, an Austrian association that supports social and ecological ideas worldwide to make our world a better place for all. The aim of the project is to provide trainings for students and teachers, and to encourage regular school attendance by the children.

Of course, this is only possible in intensive cooperation with the local teachers. For the firefly project at the Shree Setidevi Adharbhut Vidhyalaya School in Dhadhing District, there are 5 teachers who teach 60 children from poor, disadvantaged families at this elementary school. For these children aged 5-10 years, many different information programs have been carried out in recent years.

Only those who feel comfortable and don´t freeze can learn well. Therefore, in January 2023, urgently needed warm jackets and hoods were distributed to the children as part of the "Warm Hugs" project. This was not only to relieve the families financially, but also to make it easier for the children to attend school in the harsh Nepalese winter.

The handover of the cosy sweaters and hoods was a great success!

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