BOI Newsletter 07/2020

Albeit in lockdown due to the spread of the Corona virus, BOI has continued to work intensively in home office and via web meetings.  Find out about the latest news from BOI.


Extensive functionalities of a mainframe application on a server system.


TABEX4 JTC implements ultra-fast services that all applications can use together.


FreeDa stands for „Free Your Database”, BOI’s new maintenance system for tables from relational databases.


New functions and a new application for remote table display are now available for TABEX4.



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Daniele Haiböck-Sinner and the BOI Team

BOI and ista: With TABEX4 on Linux into the future

Extensive functionalities of a mainframe application on a server system

ista has been relying on TABEX4 for the maintenance of its reference data for 12 years. With its configurable authorization and client system, TABEX4 enables the mapping of ista-specific organization of data and roles. TABEX4 and its application data were installed on the mainframe system z/VSE. Maintenance and administration were carried out via the TABEX4 Table Manager.


The way into the future

In 2018, ista decided to replace the mainframe and thus the z/VSE operating system, and migrate all applications - including TABEX4 - to Linux. An important criterion for the successful migration to Linux was that no changes were made to the reference data maintenance for the employees. The migration project had to meet tight deadlines. Here, TABEX4 was able to demonstrate its strengths and enabled a time- and cost-saving migration to Linux.

Successful migration to Linux

In 2019, the host system was ported 1: 1 to a Java environment. The TABEX4 application data of the z/VSE host system were ported to an Oracle database. The users and administrators continue to work with the familiar TABEX4 interface. And, the performance for the more than 100 professional users could further be increased.

With the successful migration from z/VSE to Linux-Oracle, all project objectives were achieved cost-and time-efficiently:

  • With the identical implementation of z/VSE on Linux, TABEX4 reference data maintenance can continue to be carried out with the usual quality. Time-consuming and costly retraining could be omitted.
  • To further minimize the effort for customizing the TABEX4 maintenance application for ista, important tasks have been automated.
  • The overall migration was accomplished in less than two months.

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TABEX4 JTC as a building block for service-oriented software architecture (SOA)

TABEX4 JTC implements ultra-fast, professional services that all applications can use together.

The service-oriented software architecture (SOA) offers companies great optimization potential for their IT infrastructure. It aligns processes and systems with the business processes, modularizes them as independent software components and links them using web services. In SOA, functions are created directly as services and shared between the respective applications. Organizationally, SOA is quite demanding to implement, but in return it offers great flexibility and adaptability.

TABEX4 JTC is an ideal component for your SOA. With TABEX4 JTC, ultra-fast professional services can be realized that all applications can use together.

Ultra-fast performance of TABEX4 JTC

Tests of TABEX4 JTC on z/OS have confirmed the enormous access speed of TABEX4 JTC. The tests were carried out by a BOI customer on identical hardware.

TABEX4 JTC achieves up to 14 million accesses per CPU second with asynchronous preloading of the current data to the technical service, while direct access to DB2 only reaches a maximum of 0.5 million accesses per CPU second. TABEX4 JTC is therefore up to 28-times faster than direct access to DB2.

The comparison with the ultra-fast TABEX4 access on ESA data space is also telling: TABEX4 JTC with 14 million accesses per CPU second shows almost the same performance as TABEX4 with 17 million accesses per CPU second.

Conclusion: TABEX4 JTC is a crucial accelerator for your service-oriented software architecture.

TABEX4 JTC product portfolio

We offer TABEX4 JTC in three different product variants:

  • TABEX4 JTC sync – the full range of functions

TABEX4 JTC sync consists of three components: the TABEX4 JTC Publisher, a replication system of your choice and the TABEX4 JTC clients.

  • TABEX4 JTC light – the direct connection

TABEX4 JTC light connects your databases directly to the enterprise caching system of your choice and ensures the automatic replication of selected tables in all local TABEX4 JTC caches.

  • TABEX4 JTC direct – the batch job accelerator

TABEX4 JTC direct loads the required table data directly from the database into the local TABEX4 JTC cache when it is accessed for the first time and performs the ultra-fast table access there.

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BOI FreeDa

FreeDa stands for „Free Your Database”, BOI’s new maintenance system for tables from relational databases.

FreeDa enables audit-proof maintenance workflows for control data - outside the database. FreeDa will be an intuitive and simple solution for revision-proof maintenance of control data, optimized for the use by non-IT experts.

FreeDa development

In the past few months we have dealt intensively with the diverse requirements for a modern RDB maintenance tool – from requirements of employees in the specialist department to system administrators to internal auditing. We have written these requirements down in the form of user stories and started the implementation based on them.
We plan to publish a first alpha release in autumn 2020. Although functionally limited, it will offer the opportunity to test the look and feel of the planned GUI. In addition, we are currently developing mockups to click through the planned FreeDa maintenance processes. Thus, you can discover the FreeDa Workflows and range of functions beforehand.

In our newsletter and on our website, we inform you at regular intervals about our development progress.

FreeDa Forum

If you are interested in our alpha release or like to discover the planned FreeDa maintenance processes via our mockups, sign up for our FreeDa Forum! There, we discuss selected questions about our FreeDa development.

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TABEX4 Remote Table Display

New functions and a new application for remote table display are now available for TABEX4.

Like the TABEX4 Console, the TABEX4 Remote Table Display can be used to list and display tables loaded in any call server memory. In addition to the possibilities of the TABEX4 Console, the TABEX4 Remote Table Display offers the following new features:

  • Display table list and tables of a TLS-encrypted call server
  • Perform the remote table display also on z/OS

If you are interested, please contact our support team »