BOI Newsletter 07/2021

We wish you a nice summer!

Our Newsletter for July comes with many interesting news:


We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter! Summerly greetings,

Daniele Haiböck-Sinner and the BOI Team


The Beta Release is available!

With the beta release we have achieved another milestone in the development of FreeDa.

Since the alpha release last autumn, we have continued to work on the new product version with great enthusiasm. We integrated lockdown and home office well into our daily routine, and as planned we were able to implement new functionalities and useful improvements in the beta release.

Now, we are heading forward to develop the first FreeDa Release 1.0.0, which is planned for the beginning of 2022.

And here, too, we have another good news: The Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG will continue to support our development of FreeDa in the second research year. We are very pleased that FreeDa is recognized and appreciated by this national institution as an innovative, unique product.

Would you like to learn more about FreeDa? Get an overiew of FreeDa on our product page.

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The new database replicator is now available.

As part of the FreeDa development, numerous functions for relational database systems and the TABEX connection were implemented, and are now also used in the product TABEX4 JTC.

Using the newly developed TABEX4 JTC Database Replicator, you can now replicate tables from central TABEX4 Databases and Dataspaces or relational databases into decentralized and distributed database systems. You can select tables and table versions by name or generic name.

For a specific customer project, the new database replicator is used with TABEX4 as the source database and Microsoft SQL Server as the target database. The replicated tables are versioned.

We have extended the direct access to database systems.

As part of the FreeDa development, we have also significantly expanded the possibilities of TABEX4 JTC to access different database systems directly. When using the TABEX4 JTC Access API, you can now access table data directly and transparently in one of the relational database systems below:

  • Db2 on mainframe or decentralized
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB
  • MySQL
  • (Informix pending)

In addition, you can directly access tables in TABEX Databases or SHS dataspaces. When accessing SHS dataspaces, you can use a search path analogous to the access on the mainframe.

Are you interested in the database replicator or direct access?

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BOICIMSR will be removed

BOICIMSR was an interface for remote access to TABEX4 under z/OS via 'CICS Transaction Gateway'. It was provided in TABEX4 using the BOICREMF module.

A survey of our customers using TABEX4 under z/OS showed that BOICIMSR is no longer required for the current TABEX4 versions. Therefore, starting with TABEX4 version 5.4.0, we do not plan to deliver the BOICREMF module anymore.

Longer passwords are now possible with the Table Manager login.

From the next update for TABEX4 version 5.3.0, passwords of up to 256 characters can be entered during login via external systems. With this, the use of passphrases in the 'operating system login' for z/OS is now possible in maximum length. The maximum length of TABEX internal passwords remains the same.

New utility functions are available.

For migration and conversion projects, a structural analysis of the existing TABEX tables is often required. With the next version of TABEX4 we will provide functions that support this analysis, for example by searching for certain definitions in the tables of TABEX Databases.

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Workplace Health Promotion for the BOI Team

If the employees are doing well, the company is doing well.

The individual health of the employees is an essential factor for a long-term successful, competitive company. Therefore, in the spring of 2020, we decided to do even more for the pysical and mental health of the BOI team.

Workplace health promotion is a modern corporate strategy that supports companies in implementing health-promoting measures. This helps not only the employees, but the entire company: Satisfied, healthy employees work more efficiently, more motivated and thus more successfully.

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Cooperation with UNICEF

We are now an official economic partner.

We are a long-standing donation partner of UNICEF and have been able to help many children in need in Indonesia and Africa.

The corona pandemic has driven children into even greater distress, especially in developing countries. Thus, we have entered into an economic partnership with UNICEF to enable the children of our world to live a better, happier life.

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