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Newsletter Archive

Year 2018

Newsletter July 2018

The topics of this newsletter are:

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Newsletter 02/2018

Themes of this newsletter are:

  • TABEX4 Release 4.8.0 new features:
    • TIMESTAMP(6)
    • Data of TABEX Tables in a relational database
  • Update of JTC Programmer Cockpit
  • Announcements
  • Index adjustments 2018
  • New BOI marketing team
  • Doctors without borders - best prepared for the emergency

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Year 2017

Newsletter 07/2017


Themes of this newsletter are:

  • New features of TABEX/4
    • Optimized table comparison
    • Deletion of dependent tables
  • New z/OS update for TABEX/4 4.7.0 and comfortable installation of updates
  • The new JTC Programmer Cockpit
  • New photovoltaics for Burkino Faso


Year 2016

Newsletter 16 / July 2016


This newsletter focusses on our new products TABEX/4 JTC and JTC:

  • Introduction of the architecture of JTC
  • Transaction-consistent master data access with JTC
  • JTC editions
  • Ultra-fast read access to master data
  • Performance comparison of JTC and Oracle and H2 (Result: JTC is about 550 times faster than Oracle)
  • TABEX/4 JTC demo version

We are pleased to introduce our new partner Hazelcast, the leading software provider of operational in-memory computing.

Moreover, you will find the following information in this newsletter:

  • TABEX/4 and JTC now support the relational database PostgreSQL
  • Redesign of our website and the customer portal
  • Updates and patches since February 1st, 2016


Newsletter 15 / February 2016


Themes of this newsletter are:

  • our new product TABEX/4 JAVA TABLE CACHE ENTERPRISE  EDITION (JTC-EE) for integrating external Java cache solutions such as Hazelcast®, Terracotta®, Infinispan®
  • the new TABEX/4 Release 4.6.0
  • updates and patches since 1st July, 2015
  • our anti-corruption guide line
  • new maintenance periods
  • annual price adjustment 2016

Expert advice 20 deals with the "BOI Remote Diagnostic Tool" boirmtdiag.


Year 2015

Newsletter 14 / July 2015


Themes of this newsletter are:

  • IT security at BOI
  • Sustainable business at BOI
  • TABEX/4 JAVA TABLE CACHE: Replication with ESA/SHS data space
  • Comfortable callserver reporting for TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS
  • Updates and patches since 1st February, 2015
  • Application Servers supported by TABEX/4 Table Manager
  • Changed RACF default behaviour since z/OS release 2.1

Expert advice 19 deals with the export and reprganization of callserver protocol data to BOI for the callserver report of TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS.


Newsletter 13 / January 2015


Focus of this newsletter are the TABEX Java products offered by BOI:

  • TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS incl. Remote Connection Factory for the implementation of fault tolerance and load balancing
  • TABEX/4 JAVA TABLE CACHE for the high-performance read access to tables by replication of table data to distributed servers.
  • TABEX/4 JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE for the implementation of authority checked and audit-proof TABEX/4 Java applications.

Expert advice 18 deals with the programming interface of the TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS feature Remote Connection Factory for implementing fault tolerance and load balancing.

In our success story we report about the successful introduction of TABEX/4 JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE at AirPlus International.


Year 2014

Newsletter 12 / July 2014


The main issue of this edition is the ESA data space technology for TABEX.
This technology allows to load data into main memory and to access these centrally loaded data. Performance tests showed that table access using the ESA technology is up to 20 times faster than DB2.

In our new success story we present our long-time customer Generali Deutschland Informatik Services GmbH. Its need of “high performance table access” significantly led to today’s use of the ESA technology within TABEX.

Our expert advice 17 gives you detailed information on ESA technology.

Moreover, we present our migration packages for migrating from the table management systems SPITAB, TABSYS and VTAS to TABEX.


Newsletter 11 / January 2014


As of January 1st, the operational handover of the BOI GmbH to the new owners Daniele Haiböck-Sinner, Martina Haiböck and Frank Sinner has taken place. Also from January 1st, Daniele Haiböck-Sinner has been appointed Managing Director.

A main issue of this newsletter is the TABEX/4 Release  4.4.0, which is available since January 31st, 2014.

We inform you about the annual price adjustment 2014.

In the future we want to use the BOI newsletter to present you selected customers and their use of TABEX/4. We are very pleased to begin this presentation with our very first customer, the Austrian "3 Banken Gruppe". We can look back to a long-time and successful cooperation, which began 1979.

Our expert advice 16 deals with the new MS EXCEL connection to TABEX/4.


Year 2013

Newsletter 10 / July 2013


This newsletter deals with the following issues of TABEX/4:

  1. The first issue is the migration of table data between relational databases, e.g. from DB2 to Oracle or from Informix to DB2.
  2. Secondly, we present the manifold possibilities for User Exit Programming.
  3. Thirdly, we describe the different types for maintaining tables in relational databases.
  4. Last but not least, SHS Archiving is presented.

Our new expert advice shows how numeric table fields with leading zeros can be correctly imported to TABEX/4 from MS Excel.


Newsletter 09 / February 2013


The new TABEX/4 release 4.3.0 was launched at the end of January and can be requested now. Please learn more about its enhancements in this newsletter.

The newsletter focuses on the new applications SSL-IDE and TABEX/4 Console. As announced in the last newsletter these two applications replace TAB-DVL.
The SSL-IDE 1.0 offers the functionalities to write, compile and debug SSL programs.
The new TABEX/4 Console serves as test and emergency program.

This time the expert advice shows, how comfortable you can debug SSL programs and EXITs with the new SSL-IDE.

Moreover we describe the new maintenance periods. The maintenance period of your product versions can now be extended up to 2 years.


Year 2012

Newsletter 08 / November 2012


This newsletter focuses on strategic news from BOI.

Continuity and product quality are of utmost importance for our customers. So we are delighted to present you the new members of the BOI management team: Mrs. Daniele Haiböck-Sinner and Mr. Frank Sinner. Together with the founder of BOI, Mr. Hans Haiböck, they will guarantee the future development of the product portfolio TABEX/4 and the continuation of the BOI as a family business.

Moreover we want to present you our new release policy as well as the license check integrated in TABEX/4 since release 4.1.2.

Another focus of this newsletter is the presentation of a part of our TABEX/4 product portfolio: the products RELATIONAL BRIDGE, JAVA ACCESS and JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE can be acquired additionally to your TABEX/4 installation.

Our expert advice addresses the transfer of table data using the utility TABN05.


Newsletter 07 / July 2012


Highlight of the seventh Newsletter is the new TABEX/4 SSL development environment. It sets new standards in the SSL program development. We provide a BETA version in the customer area for download at your request via e-mail.

The new Release 4.2.2 offers the following enhancements:

  • Definition of Table/Field help texts using a simple Wiki syntax and conversion into HTML format
  • Database INFORMIX now supported by the TABEX/4 Relational Bridge
  • Configuration of the CSV separator
  • Diverse character sets in field translation tables

The expert advice 12 describes, how to define table/field help texts using a simple Wiki syntax and convert them into HTML format.

Announcements for the autumn version of TABEX/4:

  • TAB-DVL, the TABEX/4 SSL development environment in 3270 style is no longer delivered.
  • A new emergency and test program is delivered in autumn, which provides functions for testing APIs and emergency functions for changing tables.
  • Since October 2009 JAVA 5 is no longer maintained by ORACLE. Therefore the autumn release of TABEX/4 requires JAVA Version 6 or higher.


Newsletter 06 / March 2012


The focus of this newsletter is the new TABEX/4 Release 4.2.1. As usual this release offers many new functions and enhancements.

We provide the new TABEX/4 version for download on our website since March 1st, 2012. Please contact our support team.

This time our expert advice describes how to send emails by utility processes:
• utility logfiles
• any emails with attachments


Year 2011

Newsletter 05 / November 2011


The following themes are presented in the fifth newsletter:

  • the new Release 4.2.0 with many new functionalities and enhancements of TABEX/4
  • our Website Relaunch and a review of BOI's websites
  • our new Corporate Identity
  • BOIWiki for questions according configuration and handling of TABEX/4
  • TABEX/4 FAQs for answering questions about TABEX/4


Newsletter 04 - June 2011


This newsletter focuses on the following contents:

New features in the TABEX/4 Service Packs 4.1.2 and 4.1.3:

  • Importing in MOD-DB
  • BOI Administration Interface:inquiry of authorization system
  • Exit before or after saving
  • New Utility Comments
  • Ergonomics
  • Filter Operations
  • Job Interface
  • Categorization of Menu Items
  • ...

TABEX Expert Advice:

  • BOI Administration Interface: how to configure PDF printing and CSV exporting

TABEX/4 features:

  • Instance concept 

TABEX Consulting:

Do you have questions about TABEX/4? Do you need assistance in implementing special requirements such as TABEX/4 configuration (e.g. exits or batch jobs) or do you have specific programming requests? TABEX consulting can help you.


Newsletter 03 / February 2011


The contents of the 3rd newsletter:

New in TABEX/4 Service Pack 4.1.1:

  • PDF Print Dialog
  • Extended Releasing Procedures
  • Internationalization
  • Parametrization of the Web Application
  • Header, Statusline, MultiLine
  • Alias Name in the SELECT String
  • Session KEEPALIVE
  • Logging Exit
  • Table Preselection (menu item dependent)
  • Instance Identification
  • ...

TABEX/4 Features:

  • Data Checks
  • Coming Features


Year 2010

Newsletter 02 / October 2010


The contents of the second newsletter:

Overview of the TABEX/4 Browser Interface

New in TABEX/4 Release 4.1.0:

  • Separating access routines and graphical user interface
  • New Online Help
  • MS EXCEL import / export
  • User Authorization with SSO Login
  • PDF print enhancements
  • Comfortable z/OS installation procedure
  • Enhancements to JAVA interface
  • Selection List instead of LookUp Panel
  • Linux 64 bit and Shared Memory
  • New Views
  • SQL Tables
  • AI Tables
  • Enhancements to Summary Database
  • Untilities Online - Utility Start from Browser
  • New Administration Interface for ODBC configuration in TABEX. 
  • ...


  • TABEX Mail


Newsletter 01 / July 2010


The contents of the first BOI newsletter:

News from TABEX/4 Release 3.3.3:

  • PDF Print
  • Copy-Paste Function
  • New Installer for Windows
  • New Installer for z/OS

Planned Features for the TABEX/4 Release October 2010:

  • Online Help
  • Selection List
  • CSV Export
  • CSV Import
  • New Layout
  • Linux 64 bit Version
  • Shared Memory Tables
  • New Installer for Unix

Expert Advice:

  • Table Maintenance Area
  • Modification Formula



Changes in ESA data spaces, efficient migration and a new success story: Learn more in our newsletter!


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