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Fastest table access – highest performance

BOI is the specialist for efficient management of master data and control data in tables. Our products offer high-performance access and are audit-proof.
TABEX4, JTC und MainTable guarantee "better organized information".


Our Portfolio

TABEX4: Leading table management system

Do you need cross-platform standard software for high-performance table access?
Is secure and convenient table management indispensable for you?
Do you maintain your data based on DB2 and other relational databases?
Do you put high requirements on data security to meet legal standards?

TABEX4 meets your requirements.

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JTC: High-performance Java access

Would you like a powerful Java middleware for the optimal use of master data and control table data?
Are you looking for a company-wide, uniform, linearly scalable data pool for high-performance Java access?
Do you like to learn more about the world‘s fastest read and write Java access to table data?

JTC is a middleware that can do just that.

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MainTable: Data maintenance easy and secure

Are you looking for the ideal tool for uniform, optimized maintenance of table data in different relational databases?
Would you like a web-based user interface to which an unlimited number of different databases can be connected for data maintenance?

MainTable allows you to do this.

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BOI FreeDa: Data management with high usability and innovative maintenance workflows

FreeDa is our new system for the process-oriented, audit-proof maintenance of critical RDB data.

FreeDa offers established and popular functionalities of TABEX4 and MainTable on a brand new basis - substancially enhanced and with new, innovative features.

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Migration packages for SPITAB, TABSYS, VTAS, PACTABLES and in-house developments

Do you want to migrate to a solution that offers high-performance, stability and is future-proof?

We are the right partner for you. We offer efficient solutions for all platforms.

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Further information

Do you need technical information? Find detailed descriptions and important technical data to all our products in our Download Center.

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