BOI FreeDa

Audit-proof data management for relational databases

FreeDa stands for „Free Your Database”: The new, unrivaled table maintenance system by BOI.


BOI FreeDa: Innovative maintenance of your master data and control data

BOI FreeDa is our new system for the process-oriented, audit-proof maintenance of critical RDB data. BOI FreeDa offers data management for modern software architectures - including state-of-the-art usability and innovative maintenance workflows.

BOI FreeDa is:

  • user-friendly: intuitive and easy maintenance of critical master data and control data, optimized for non-IT-experts
  • secure: protected data management by fine-grained rules, permissions, and checks
  • reviewable: audit-proof workflows for data maintenance with seamless logging of all data changes

BOI FreeDa closes the gap between complex master data management systems and in-house developments for reference data maintenance.

For more information, please refer to the BOI FreeDa product paper sheet.


Get to know BOI FreeDa!

BOI FreeDa Release 4.0.0 is available since January 2024.
Would you like to get detailed information about our development?
For more information, please refer to the BOI FreeDa Release Notes.

BOI FreeDa Products

BOI FreeDa direct

The user-friendly, intuitive table editor for the direct maintenance of RDB tables.

BOI FreeDa Table Edition

The complete, efficient maintenance solution for audit-proof table management.

BOI FreeDa Workflow Edition

The unique, innovative RDB control data manager with customizable maintenance workflows.

Upgrade BOI FreeDa any time: Start with FreeDa direct and switch to one of the other releases as your requirements increase! No reinstallation is required when you upgrade from FreeDa direct to FreeDa Table Edition or FreeDa Workflow Edition. It is sufficient to upload a new license file. That can be done easily anytime.

BOI FreeDa Staging - The new add-on for BOI FreeDa

BOI FreeDa Staging is a product of our BOI FreeDa product family and has been available since the end of January 2024.
BOI FreeDa Staging extends table maintenance with the option of staging processes. This allows you to transfer your tables from one environment (stage) to the next in a clearly defined process, right through to the production environment.

For more information, please refer to the BOI FreeDa Staging product paper sheet.

BOI FreeDa sets standards.

BOI FreeDa frees your relational databases.

Use BOI FreeDa to create audit-proof maintenance workflows for your control data - beyond the database: Leave RDB data storage, model, and productive use unchanged, and maintain freely without the boundaries of RDB constraints.

Hence, "Free Your Database".

BOI FreeDa is optimized for non-IT-experts.

Enterprises use control data as important business data on a daily basis, usually managed centrally in a data source. The knowledge of the corporate control data usually rests with the operating departments. However, maintaining relational databases often requires specific IT-skills, that only IT-experts are capable of. This creates a crucial challenge for successful control data management.

BOI FreeDa offers an intuitive and straightforward solution for audit-proof control data management, optimized for the use by non-IT-experts.

BOI FreeDa makes data maintenance workflows audit-proof.

BOI FreeDa Workflows for data maintenance can be configured and customized in a structured interaction between the IT and operating departments. They are based on extensive role and approval concepts. Thus, maintaining control data becomes safe, controllable and verifiable, and in addition, inexpensive. All changes are seamlessly logged. Requirements from the audit department are met and compliance is guaranteed.


BOI FreeDa is technological change.

BOI FreeDa is developed according to most advanced software standards. Its java-based core provides state-of-the-art usability for modern and future software architectures. BOI FreeDa offers the proven functionalities of the BOI software for table management with the highest usability on a brand-new basis - substancially enhanced and with new, innovative features.

BOI FreeDa works independently.

BOI FreeDa is independent of the operating system and database-neutral. Thus, BOI FreeDa can be used on all common operating systems company-wide - in both mainframe and non-mainframe environments. BOI FreeDa enables to maintain tables of various relational databases, e.g.: DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix and MariaDB.

BOI FreeDa is reliability.

BOI FreeDa is made by BOI. For 40 years, BOI has been successfully active on the market, gaining immense skills and experience. Numerous well-known enterprises are our loyal customers for decades, confidently relying on our excellent support: Our high-skilled software developers give support "on demand", including expert third-level support.


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