MainTable – The optimal maintenance of your table data

One single user interface for DB2 and other relational databases

MainTable is the ideal tool for standardized and optimized maintenance of table data in relational databases.

Data maintenace easy and secure.

MainTable: Intuitive and safe

MainTable is the ideal software for safe and consistent maintenance of table data from relational databases. The web-based interface allows unlimited connection of different databases. Its comprehensive features make maintenance of table data easy and safe. Data maintenance can thus be outsourced to the responsible department after a short training. So valuable time and resources can be saved.

Advantages and benefits of MainTable

MainTable is the ideal software for standardized table data maintenance.

MainTable is tailored for standardized, uncomplicated maintenance of table data from relational databases  – without any sophisticated table specific forms and their individual maintenance. MainTable offers all basic maintenance functions including change, filter, search and sort of data. Print, export and import for CSV, XLS, PDF and text file is possible as well. Even external authorization systems like z/OS RACF can be connected.

MainTable is applicable throughout the company.

MainTable runs on all common operating systems and is thus applicable throughout the company – both under mainframe and non-mainframe. MainTable allows the connection of an unlimited number of different databases. Tables can be maintained easily and safely, independent of your operating system and database.

Supported databases: DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Informix
Supported operating systems: z/OS, BS2000, VSE, Linux, AIX, Solaris, and Windows

MainTable is multi-tenant and audit-proof.

Benefit from MainTable's high flexibility: Multi-tenant capability enables a tailor-made application for the organizational structure of your company. Safety-specific functions for logging, archiving and releasing control make MainTable audit-proof.

MainTable enables protected data changes.

MainTable offers the option of locking the entire table for the time of editing in order to ensure that changes are not made simultaneously by different users. So unintentional overwriting of changes can be prevented securely and reliably. 

Test MainTable free of charge.

Test our products for 3 months free of charge. We support you in installation and configuration.

MainTable product portfolio

Start with MainTable Basic and switch quickly and easily to one of the other variants as your requirements increase! 
No reinstallation is required when you upgrade from MainTable Basic to MainTable Advanced or MainTable Security.
It is sufficient to upload a new license file. That can be done easily anytime.

MainTable Basic

MainTable Basic is the basic variant. It offers database connection, data display and efficient basic data maintenance functions.

MainTable Advanced

MainTable Advanced expands the basic variant with an effizient authorization system, multi-client capability and the adaptation of the user interface.

MainTable Security

MainTable Security contains the scope of MainTable Basic and Advanced and expands it with highly secure functions for revision security.

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