TABEX4 – The leading table management system

The high-performance software for your most sensitive data

TABEX4 is the cross-plattform and database-independent standard software for table management.
TABEX4 guarantees highest performance und audit-proof data management.


TABEX4: Efficient and independent

TABEX4 runs on all common operating systems and is applicable throughout the company – both on mainframe and server systems. Tables can be maintained efficiently and safely, independent of plattform or database.


TABEX4 supports import of table data from other software products and memory forms through optimized APIs. Export is possible in diverse ways as well: e.g. pdf, e-mail and other data or store formats.


Get to know TABEX4!

Our TABEX4 FAQs offer you a profound overview of important TABEX4 topics. In the TABEX4 Wiki you will gain expert knowledge about technical questions and challenges. Take a look at it!

Advantages and benefits of TABEX4

TABEX4 offers fastest table access and highest performance.

Relieve your budget: TABEX4 reduces the required CPU load for table access to less than 5%. It enables access times and throughput rates that are clearly superior to those of a database: Reduction of  access time from 27 seconds to only 1 second for direct access to 10 million tables in DB2. This can minimize your hardware costs significantly. Thus, TABEX4 enables enormous financial benefits.


TABEX4 enables highest audit security.

Master public audits smoothly: TABEX4 places absolute priority to transparency and security in processing master data and control data. TABEX4 enables highest audit security by: the complete logging of all table changes, archiving of all active table states, controlled approval procedures with multi-eye principles, a multi-stage authorisation system for secure access control, and comfortable evaluation functions for the audit itself.


TABEX4 is multi-tenant and supports networking.

Organize your data: TABEX4 is multi-tenant. Installation and maintenance can be executed centrally: Data used by multiple instances as well as configurations need to be stored, maintained and managed only once. Link data from different tables by JOIN - across different databases and operating systems. Compare tables across different databases: Table versions with similar structure can be compared anytime during maintenance – via user interface function or utilities.


TABEX4 optimizes your database usage by optimized APIs.

Save time: With TABEX4, it is no longer necessary to constantly monitor database performance. All you need is an appropriate configuration for file and dataspace sizes, and a definiton of suitable points in time for administrative processes. As a result, TABEX4 economizes personnel and time requirements. TABEX4 offers optimized programming interfaces for all higher programming languages like Java, C++, COBOL, PL/1, etc., as well as for the IBM Mainframe Assembler and the TABEX Language SSL.


TABEX4 offers check rules and individual help texts.

Define validation rules and take the easy way out: Logical operators and pre-defined execution allow the realization of more complex validation rules. An exit interface enables to embed user-defined program logic. For every table, a help text can be written and embedded into the TABEX4 application, such as input values for table fields. Thus, users are able to maintain tables without costly trainings or documentations.


TABEX4 has an easy-to-handle user interface.

Benefit from our usability: The intuitive and easy-to-handle user interface is identical on every platform due to its platform independence. Thus, TABEX4 can be used company-wide. Every user can maintain data with every end device and every popular operating system. The only thing required is a web browser.


TABEX4 simplifies the use of your temporal data.

Define tables as TABEX4 version tables: with a clearly defined validity of table data for a specific period of time, scheduling future data changes, access to older table versions or reset to older table versions is carried out as required.


Test TABEX4 free of charge.

Test our products 3 months free of charge. We support you with installation and configuration.


TABEX4 product portfolio

Basic products

TABEX4 Access System

The TABEX4 Access System guarantees optimum and fastest possible access through preloading the tables into main memory areas.

TABEX4 Table Manager

The TABEX4 Table Manager makes your table management easy and comfortable – it optimizes administration as well as maintenance of tables.

Additional products

TABEX4 Relational Bridge

The TABEX4 Relational Bridge extends TABEX4 by interfaces to relational databases and makes the entire TABEX4 functions available for RDBs.

TABEX4 Windows Client/Server

TABEX4 WindowsClient/Server offers access systems for decentralized applications within the operating system Windows.

TABEX4 Java Access

TABEX4 Java Access extends TABEX4 by a Java interface for read access to table data using TCP/IP.

TABEX4 Java Application Engine

TABEX4 Java Application Engine offers a Java-based application programming interface for implementing distributed Java applications.

Special product

TABEX4 Java Table Cache

TABEX4 JTC delivers your master data to your Java business applications and provides ultra-fast, read Java access.


TABEX4 JTC: Fastest Access to your Table Data from Java Applications

TABEX4 JTC is a highly focused BOI product. It joins our proprietary Java Table Cache (JTC) for the fastest access on master data and control data with a software solution perfectly tailored to your data organization.

TABEX4 JTC is linearly scalable and compatible with all popular enterprise caches, e.g. Hazelcast, Infinispan, Terracotta, etc.

Advantages and benefits of TABEX4 JTC

TABEX4 JTC is the company-wide middleware for your Java applications.

Economize your data management: TABEX4 JTC is the company-wide middleware for consistent usage of master data and control data in your Java applications. By providing a consistent, company-wide Java access interface for fastest Java table access, complex and error-prone isolated solutions can be avoided. Nearly every popular database can be connected to TABEX4 JTC. Thus, you may decouple maintenance and access of your master data and control data.

TABEX4 JTC organizes data perfectly according to your requirements.

Organize data from various databases: With TABEX4 JTC, this task becomes completely independent of the used database systems. Create views and indices even across databases. With the Java Table Cache, data is optimally prepared and ready to use for the fastest access. Changes in the databases' data are automatically updated with TABEX4 JTC, optionally event- or time-conrolled. Regardless of whether you need tables from mainframe systems or Linux-, Windows- or Unix-based systems, TABEX4 JTC bridges the gap between mainframe and the distributed Java world in the easiest and most efficient way.

TABEX4 JTC is audit-proof.

Master all audits: On every data update in the Java Table Cache, a JTC Snapshot with a unique ID is created. TABEX4 JTC archives every JTC Snapshot with all tables and contents automatically. Do you need an audit-proof Java application? TABEX4 JTC provides you with great flexibility: You may decide for every Java application if it needs to be audit-proof or not. Simply add the ID of the used JTC Snapshot to your Java program when querying an access.


Test TABEX4 JTC free of charge.

Test our products 3 months free of charge. We support you with installation and configuration.


TABEX4 JTC Product portfolio

The access accelerator

TABEX4 JTC direct uploads table data directly from the database to the local TABEX4 JTC Cache and performs ultra-fast table access there.


The direct access

TABEX4 JTC light directly connects your databases to the enterprise caching system of your choice for ultra-fast Java table access.


The full range of functions

TABEX4 JTC sync offers the three components TABEX4 JTC Publisher, a replication system of your choice, and the TABEX4 JTC Clients.


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