BOI Service & Support

We have reached our goal when your requirements are optimally implemented.

We are only satisfied when our software products are securely and reliably embedded in your IT architecture and running efficiently, flawlessly and at high performance.

We are here for your requests.


We know our customers and live long-term customer relationships. This continuity enables us to cooperate efficiently and successfully in all our services.

If you need support or have questions concerning our products and services, please get in touch with our team. 


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Excellent support

Our work is not finished after completing the development of our software. We see it as our responsibility to optimally embed our software in your IT-architecture and provide the best service for it.

The highly qualified developers of TABEX4, JTC and BOI FreeDa guarantee you competent support for any technical requests you might have.

Complete range of services

  • Comprehensive support during installation and configuration of BOI software
  • Replacement of legacy systems and in-house developments
  • Extension of existing installations for increasing requirements
  • Optimum organization of your IT architecture with the help of our software

BOI services at a glance

Operating and expanding business-critical information systems require reliable support "on demand".
We offer a full service-portfolio to guarantee optimum customer support – since 1979.

Technical support

Do you have technical questions? Our competent support team will take care of any request concerning our software products.

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Competent consulting

We offer consulting for specific challenges concering the adaption of TABEX4, JTC or MainTable to your individual requirements.

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Migration packages

We advise you on the efficient migration from TABSYS, VTAS, SPITAB, PACTABLES or your in-house developments.

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Up-to-date information

We are working continually on improving our software, and are happy to share information on our current releases or updates.

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