Customized consulting – Comprehensive assistance

We offer standard products, individually adaptable to your needs.

Our products TABEX4, JTC and BOI FreeDa can be adapted individually and flexibly to your system architecture.

Customized workshops

Our customized workshops are individually adapted to your questions and needs. The themes might range from an introduction to TABEX4, JTC and BOI FreDa, user training, or support for release upgrades to complex projects improving your company's table management.

Our experts who have programmed our software will gladly develop specific solutions for your company.

Optimizing your BOI software solution

  • Detailed planning of the tailormade consulting project
  • Consulting at your company’s office or at the BOI office
  • Implementing of customer-specific software solutions
  • Support with the installation and configuration
  • User training

In our consulting services, we aim to optimize the performance of our software in your company.

Our software can be configured to optimally meet your specific requirements. We work efficiently on your requests and make your processes more effective. We implement exits and batch jobs for you or support you in all challenges to program your applications.

Do you need support?

Do you want to introduce our software? Or do you want to optimize one of our products in your company and adapt it efficiently to your system architecture ?

Our excellent consulting team is available for your requests.

Contact us!