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Migration from SPITAB to TABEX/4

TABEX/4 is the leading cross-platform standard software for high-performance table access as well as for safer and more convenient table management and maintenance for DB2 and other relational databases.

For more than three decades, the standard software TABEX has been used successfully and consistently in many top companies in production.

Because of the great amount of functionalities of TABEX/4, migration from existing table management systems such as SPITAB to TABEX/4 is quick and smooth.


You want to migrate to another table maintenance system, but you don’t want to change your SPITAB access programs or implement new programs?

You want to continue using the temporal SPITAB tables which limit the validity periods of data?

You use SPITAB and have additional demands on the table management system?

TABEX/4 meets these requirements.

Unchanged SPITAB access programs

Migration from SPITAB to TABEX/4 starts with the transformation of SPITAB tables into TABEX/4 tables.

An automated program provided by BOI executes this procedure. After the SPITAB tables are transformed to TABEX tables, all TABEX/4 functionalities are available for high-performance data access and table management using TABEX/4. Existing SPITAB programs remain entirely executable without any changes due to the SPITAB-TABEX adapter provided by BOI.

New user programs can be implemented using the TABEX application programming interface. Using the additional BOI products JAVA Access and JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE, new applications can be implemented in JAVA.

Temporal tables / version tables

The temporal SPITAB tables can be converted to TABEX tables in a singular automated step.
TABEX/4 can then be used for table maintenance with all its broad range of functionalities.

In TABEX/4 tables can be defined as version tables. This technique can be used for

  • time-dependent validity periods of table data
  • scheduling of future data changes
  • access to older versions of data
  • reset to an older version of table data

Traceability of all data changes

Internal audits and legal requirements demand traceability of all data changes by IT-services. Requests resulting from laws such as SOA or EURO-SOX must be fulfilled.

TABEX/4 is audit proof and fulfills all revision requirements: complete, variable and configurable logging of all table changes, release procedure with dual control (4-eyes principle), versioning of tables for optimum temporal data management, comprehensive checks of data consistency or plausibility, and access protection through an integrated fine-tuned authorization system.


TABEX/4 is platform independent, offering one unique table management dialog for all platforms of a company. The web browser provides a comfortable, unique user interface in all operating systems.

The user interface is clearly arranged and uses familiar elements from Windows: Explorer menu, icons, input fields, selection lists and tooltips. For all frequently used functions, TABEX/4 offers icons and hotkeys. Context-sensitive elements further enhance its usability.

High-performance table access

Temporal data can be accessed via high-performance calls using EAS/SHS technology.

New access programs can use TABEX access to directly read the tables in mainframe as well as in non-mainframe (e.g. Solaris, Linux, …).


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