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Migration from VTAS to TABEXZ

TABEXZ is a modern, comfortable and secure table access system for the replacement of the table management system VTAS.

TABEXZ has been designed solely for the purpose of replacing the VTAS table access system.

For the migration of full VTAS installations, e.g. both the access and maintenance parts of VTAS, the comprehensive standard product
TABEX/4 is required.

Typical requirements

You use VTAS and want to migrate to another table access system?

You want assurance that your programs and processes will continue to run without faults and interruption in the future?

You want to keep your applications running on VSE and z/OS and keep your programs as they are?

TABEX meets these requirements.

Stability and reliability

TABEXZ is stable and reliable. The underlying standard product TABEX/4 and its
predecessors have been in stable, productive use at many top companies for over three decades.

TABEXZ is largely independent of changes of the operating system and is therefore reliable and future-proof.

No changes in VTAS access programs

TABEXZ has a compatibility interface for VTAS. The VTAS calls are replaced by TABEX calls through this interface. Therefore, user programs need not be changed.

High-performance access

Tables can be loaded into the ESA data space. By the use of the main memory tables, data access time is reduced.

This saves CPU usage, resulting in lower mainframe operating costs.

TABEXZ - based on the standard product TABEX/4

The product TABEXZ is based on the standard product TABEX/4 – the leading platform independent standard software for high-performance table access and secure and comfortable table management for DB2 and other relational databases.

TABEX/4 has been in productive and stable use for more than three decades at numerous notable companies.

Migration from TABEXZ to the standard product TABEX/4


Migrating from TABEXZ to TABEX/4 and its supplements is straightforward, and has the following advantages:


New access programs can be implemented with the TABEX application programming interface, and so applications can be adapted to new requirements.

Comfortable data management

In addition to the access system, a web-based user interface for data management is available that can be used in all operating systems.

TABEX/4 provides a uniform, ergonomic web-based user interface for all operating systems, ensuring high user-friendliness. Through its platform independence, TABEX/4 can be used in the same way across the company.

The user interface is clearly arranged and uses familiar elements known from Windows, including Explorer menu, icons, input fields, selection lists and tooltips. For all frequently used functions TABEX/4 offers icons and hotkeys. Context-sensitive elements further enhance its usability.


Comprehensive functionalities, such as complete logging, release procedures or versioning of tables guarantee auditability.


TABEX/4 can be customized and optimized to suit customer requirements by configuring menu items, import/export functions and data checks.


Your data are always up to date, not only on z/VSE or z/OS, but also in other environments and operating systems.

More functionality by extending the standard software TABEX/4

The functionality of TABEX/4 can be extended by the supplement products RELATIONAL BRIDGE, JAVA ACCESS and JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE.

This brings advantages, such as:

  • Data maintenance is possible in relational databases (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL Server, Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL, …) as well as in databases accessed via ODBC.
  • The data can be read- and write-accessed by using programming languages, such as C, C++ or JAVA.


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