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Each industry develops its products and services under individual conditions and therefore has specific requirements on its optimum software solution. Long-term relations with well-known customers and numerous projects made BOI an expert for table management for various branches of industry.



Do you store data in tables that is accessed billions of times by thousands of employees every day?

BOI Software Solutions are developed for efficient table maintenance and high-performance access to tables. We guarantee highest data security and optimize the access performance of your processor.

Do you use databases and operating systems company-wide for your data management?

Our software runs independent of operating systems and databases and can therefore be used in heterogeneous IT architectures. Data transfer across plattforms and system boundaries is smooth.

Do you have specific requirements that are not covered by our standard solutions?

BOI Software Solutions are highly configurable, and may thus be adapted to the specifics of your industry. Its user-friendly interface optimizes your workflow.

BOI software meets requirements of various industries

For 45 years, BOI software has been standing for high-performance data access and absolute data security. Our standard software can be adapted to your requirements for more data efficiency and success.


BOI Software Solutions are used for highly reliable management of:

  • Master data (e.g. customer data, billing of insurance policies)
  • Control data and monitoring data (e.g. insurance rates, ticket systems)
  • Business-critical data (e.g. ERP systems)

Long-term relations with our customers and numerous projects made us experts for specific requirements concerning table management. BOI products run successfully in the following branches of industry:


Stories of success

The TABEX product family has guaranteed stability and reliability through modern, innovative software for almost four decades. Numerous leading companies trust in the successful and reliable cooperation with BOI.


In our success stories you can learn more about the benefits our customers gain by cooperating with BOI.


Better solutions through partnership

Partnership enables more efficient software development.

The IT market is developing constantly, while requirements of customers become more and more specific. Therefore lasting and future partnerships are very important to us




In order to be able to meet the requirements of your customers furthermore, new partnerships with companies from different areas are very desireable – a win-win situation with advantages on both sides.


Through these cooperations our software development can be even more efficient and it enables us to increase the application area of our products. Learn more about the companies which already became partners of BOI.


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