Optimal software solutions for banks

Audit-proof and fastest table access

Banks work with a large number of different tables. These contain control and parameter data as well as important customer data. Special security requirements apply to these highly sensitive data, particularly in solutions for banks.


Specific requirements of banks

All information required for processing various bank products is stored in a large number of tables.

These tables contain control and parameter data such as interest rate developments, conditions, charges and other general data. Additionally, customer-specific information, such as creditworthiness, bank products already purchased or account balance is managed with the help of these tables. Data is usually stored in relational databases.

  • Performant data access
  • Audit proof
  • Easy control of processes
  • Stability and reliability

Optimally suited for these requirements: TABEX4 and BOI FreeDa

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TABEX4  Optimal solutions for banks.

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BOI FreeDa – Audit-proof data management for relational databases

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Success stories: TABEX4 and BOI FreeDa in use at a bank

Almost 40 years after the first order from Oberbank AG, TABEX has become an indispensable strategic product for the 3 Banken Group.

After several relaunches, TABEX is now in use as TABEX4 in the fourth product generation at 3 Banken IT and embedded in their system architecture since 2010.

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The process of data maintenance was cumbersome and complex at VK, thus they were looking for a standard software.

Since the beginning of 2023, BOI FreeDa has been the optimal solution for VKB to perform the maintenance of critical data in a simplified, resource-saving, secure and traceable way.

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These banks trust in the successful and reliable cooperation with BOI:



  • Bank Burgenland
  • Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall
  • BKS Bank
  • BTV Vier Länder Bank
  • CACEIS Bank S.A.
  • Hypo Oberösterreich
  • Hypo Steiermark
  • LBBW Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
  • Oberbank
  • Raiffeisen Bankengruppe Österreich
  • UniCredit S.p.A.
  • VKB - Volkskreditbank