Optimum software solutions for industry and service providers

Safe use of table data throughout the entire company

Companies need to adapt their business processes continuously and react very quickly to external influences or customer requirements to stay ahead of competitors. This results in immediate changes to master data and control data which serve as basis for cost estimates. Therefore, solutions for industry and service providers have special requirements for the database systems in which all business-critical data is stored.


Specific requirements of industry and service providers

Industry and service providers usually calculate the costs of their products or services by using tables. Since any changes to these tables have direct monetary effects, the changes must be instantly incorporated in all IT applications of the company.

Often several operating sytems are in use and data comes from different database systems. It is essential for a successful company to trace all data changes at any time.

  • Plattform and database independence
  • Audit-proof
  • Performant table access
  • Flexible release of data changes

Optimally suited for these requirements: TABEX4 and BOI FreeDa

Read more about this topic in our information sheet TABEX4  Optimal solutions for industry and service providers.

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BOI FreeDa – Audit-proof data management for relational databases

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Success stories "ista" and „AirPlus": TABEX4 in use at service providers

For 12 years, ista has relied on TABEX4 for the maintenance of its reference data. ista employs over 5.500 people in 22 countries worldwide and supports residents in around 13 million units in saving important resources.

In 2018, ista decided to replace the mainframe, and migrate all applications - including TABEX4 - to Linux. An important criterion was that the migration should not result in any changes in the data maintenance. In addition, tight deadlines had to be met.

Once again, TABEX4 was able to prove its strengths and enabled a time- and cost-saving migration to Linux.

AirPlus International serves over 41,900 corporate customers in 60 countries for travel cost and acquisiton management. For more than 20 years AirPlus has been using TABEX to securely and efficiently carry out such a high number of transactions.

AirPlus has developed two web-based applications, which access data in TABEX tables and relational database tables. To meet their new requirements, a new TABEX4 Add-on, TABEX4 JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE, has been developed for Air Plus.

TABEX4 JAE is a Java application programming interface for easy implementation of distributed Java applications for the maintenance of TABEX tables


These industries and service providers trust in the successful and reliable cooperation with BOI:

  • ADAC e.V. (Fiducia & GAD IT AG)
  • ista international GmbH
  • Lufthansa Air Plus Servicekarten GmbH