Optimal software solutions for IT service providers and data centers

Integration of BOI products into in-house software solutions

Software companies and IT outsourcers offer their own software to customers from various sectors. On doing so, they benefit from the advantages of BOI software products.

Specific requirements of software service providers and data centers

Solutions for IT service providers & data centers are facing the challenge to process a high number of various information as fast as possible while guaranteeing data security at any time.

The aim is to provide each costumer with an optimum software solution – both for easy-to-implement standard projects to complex own developments.

  • Multi-client capability
  • Audit-proof
  • Plattform and database independence
  • Adaption to customer requirements

Optimally suited for these requirements: TABEX4

Read more about this topic in our information sheet TABEX4 – Optimal solutions for software service providers and data centers.

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Integration, API and OEM versions

Do you develop special applications and want to use the strengths of our products?

Our products are flexible and modular. Therefore, it is also possible to customize them as OEM versions for technology partners and sales partners. We customize our software depending on the application, target group and industry.

BOI software offers appropriate interfaces, e.g. to interact with databases and company applications via standardized protocols such as JDBC, Web Services (SOA), JSON and XML. A command line processor and an application programming interface (API) are available as well. Innovative real-time solutions can be implemented based on in-memory data storage and high-performance algorithms.

We are open for new partnerships.

Cooperation with a software developer

The Software Defined Mainframe from LzLabs

BOI software runs on LzLabs' Software Defined Mainframe.

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These IT service providers and data centers trust in the successful and reliable cooperation with BOI:

  • 3 Banken IT
  • Allianz Managed Operations & Services
  • Fiducia IT
  • Generali Deutschland Services
  • Provinzial NordWest Holding AG
  • Raiffeisen e-force GmbH
  • Talanx Systeme
  • UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions